APA Coin Collection (Lev - N)

Leverrier, Urbain Jean Joseph (1977)


Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier was born on March 11, 1811 in Saint-Lo, France. He was a French astronomer and mathematician who analyzed the orbit of Uranus and accurately predicted the existence of another planet nearby. This prediction led directly to the discovery of Neptune in 1846. Leverrier died on September 23, 1877 in Paris, France. The medallion was minted on the 100th anniversary of Leverrier’s date of death. Alphee Dubois was the French sculptor and medalist who created the image of Leverrier shown on the medallion in 1884. His name and the date of creation are printed on the obverse of the coin. The obverse also contains a bust of the left profile of Leverrier with the inscription, “U.J.J. LE VIERRER DE L’ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES 1811-1877” surrounding the image. The coin was purchased on September 2, 1984. The reverse depicts the known planets at the time and in the center has a chariot with four horses on a cloud. The medal was made in bronze and measures 2 11/16 inches in diameter.