APA Governance Archives

governance-archiveThe APA Governance Archive (together with our collection at the Library of Congress) is the official depository of all appropriate Association records. These records include but are not limited to agenda books of the APA Council of Representatives (1951-Current) and the APA Board of Directors (1956-Current), along with agendas and minutes from numerous other boards, committees, commissions, task forces, and other groups that together make up the governing body of the APA.

This includes:

  • Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest
  • Board of Educational Affairs
  • Board of Professional Affairs
  • Board of Scientific Affairs
  • Publications and Communications Board
  • Committee on Children, Youths, and Families
  • Council of Editors
  • Continuing Education Committee
  • Committee on Animal Research
  • Committee on Early Career Psychologists
  • AD HOC Committee on Psychology and AIDS
  • CAPP Subcommitte on Prescription Privileges
  • And many more ….

In addition to the governance archives the APA maintains archives of the APA divisions including their publications, newsletters, historical documents and records of events. If your division would like to donate their archives, please contact the staff.

Print materials are stored in our climate controlled area, pictured above. Records are managed using Inmagic’s CSTextworks system. Qualified researchers are admitted with appointment. The full text of the documents included in the APA Digital Archives are accessible within the APA network.