Gary R. VandenBos, PhD

Publisher, and Executive Director of APA's Office of Publications and Databases

Gary R. VandenBos, PhD: Executive Director of APA's Office of Publications and Databases As the APA publisher and the executive director of the American Psychological Association's Office of Publications and Databases, Gary R. VandenBos, PhD, is responsible for developing the premier program for the dissemination of psychological knowledge worldwide.

Under VandenBos' leadership, the Office of Publications and Databases produces over 80 journals, seven databases and 80 books per year (under the imprints APA Books, Magination Press and LifeTools). In addition, the Office of Publications and Databases produces the APA Psychotherapy Video Series and the APA Style and reference publications and products, which include the APA “Publication Manual” and the “Concise Rules of APA Style.”

VandenBos began his career at Michigan State University as research coordinator of the Michigan State Psychotherapy with Schizophrenics Research Project. After that, he served as the director of the Howell-Area Community Mental Health Center in Howell, Mich., for five years.

He has maintained a clinical practice since 1974.


VandenBos is managing editor of the American Psychologist, APA's flagship journal, and Psychological Services, as well as co-editor for APA's first open methodology, collaborative data sharing, open access journal, the Archives of Scientific Psychology . He is editor-in-chief of the award-winning “APA Dictionary of Psychology” and the “APA Concise Dictionary of Psychology.” He has co-authored or edited more than 30 books, written over 40 book chapters and published 80-plus peer-reviewed articles. Much of this work is in his two primary areas of expertise, schizophrenia and violent individuals.


VandenBos is an APA fellow and a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Psychology.


VandenBos earned a master's at Michigan State University and a doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Detroit.