Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

This fund administers many scholarships to residents of the Washtenaw county, MI, area.

Sponsor: AAACF


The foundation administers many scholarship funds. As of September 1, 2007 AAACF funds have awarded 110 scholarships totaling $113,136.00. A list of scholarship funds administered by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation can be on the AAACF scholarship page.



Grants are for residents of the Washtenaw County, MI area. The Community Foundation typically does not make grants for construction projects (new building or routine maintenance), annual giving campaigns, normal operating expenses (except for start-up purposes) fundraising events, religious or sectarian purposes, computer hardware equipment, individuals, partisan political purposes, loans, and re-granting. To access criteria for each scholarship, please visit the AAACF scholarship page.

How to Apply