American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Encouraging and supporting scientific research on suicide causation, prevention and treatment is at the heart of the Foundation's mission.

Sponsor: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Our research grants program seeks to:
Encourage established investigators to undertake innovative approaches and explore new directions in suicide research; Encourage talented new investigators to enter the field of suicide research through grants that provide training support and mentoring; Provide seed money for pilot projects that show promise in opening up new areas of suicide research. Since 2000, AFSP has given grant support totaling over $8 million to scientists throughout the country and abroad for studies on neurobiological, genetic, epidemiological, clinical, psychological and sociological aspects of suicide. In 2007, an additional $2.3 million will be awarded for new grant projects. AFSP grants are awarded for one or two-year periods. Descriptions of specific grants are available on the website,

How to Apply