Allyn & Bacon Awards

These awards recognize the undergraduate Psi Chi members who submit the best overall empirical research papers.

Sponsor: Allyn & Bacon Publishers

Allyn & Bacon publishes books and electronic media in the fields of the social sciences, the humanities, and educational disciplines. As a cosponsor of this award, this publisher strives to recognize excellent student work in the field of psychology. The awards are $1,000 for first place, $650 for second place, and $350 for third place. The abstracts of the winning papers, as well as photographs and brief biographies of the top three winners, are published in Eye on Psi Chi.
All undergraduate Psi Chi members are eligible.
How to Apply
Submit online at Psi Chi's Web site under the AWARDS/GRANTS section. The link for submissions is available at least one month prior to the submission deadline.
Past Recipients

2006-2007: 1st place: Heather Lander, 2nd place: Kelly Jones, 3rd place: Candace M. Gross. 2005-06: 1st Place Elizabeth Jane Lilley, 2nd Place Austin Lee Nichols, 3rd Place Blaine D. Landis & Jennifer D. Cavin. 2004-05: 1st Place Sumati Gupta, 2nd Place Kyle Holleran, 3rd Place Mariko Yamaguchi. 2003-04: 1st Place Michael Kirk Goode, 2nd Place Phillip Zoladz, 3rd Place Jennifer Brace. 2002-03: 1st Place M. Leslie Box, 2nd Place Lindsey Root, 3rd Place Luciana M.B. Paula-Pereira. 2001-02: 1st Place Kimberly Cuevas, 2nd Place Matisha Montgomery, 3rd Place Jaime Gonzalez. 2000-01: 1st Place Jennifer A. Slezak, 2nd Place Danielle Marie Haynes, 3rd Place Allison J. Dickson. 1999-00: 1st Place Peter S. Vosler, 2nd Place Elizabeth Stevens, 3rd Place Cody Cox. 1998-99: 1st Place Cari Ann Cohorn, 2nd Place Erica Kendall, 3rd Place Jennifer L. Knight. 1997-98: 1st Place Melissa Prather, 2nd Place (tie) Christopher DeLisle, 2nd Place (tie) Samuel E. Fiala. 1996-97: 1st Place Melissa Diane Holmes, 2nd Place Denise M. Popevis, 3rd Place David Marshall. 1995-96: 1st Place Laura Tillotson, 2nd Place Carla Strassle. 3rd Place Joseph C. Magee. 1994-95: 1st Place Lori Larsen, 2nd Place Ellen A. Rydell, 3rd Place David A. Menk.