APAGS/Psi Chi Junior Scientist Fellowship

APAGS and Psi Chi are committed to promoting psychological science and the needs of research-oriented students. The Junior Scientist Fellowship provides support for students entering their first year, or the first semester of their second year, of a research-oriented graduate program.

Deadline: June 30, 2015

Sponsor: APAGS



The intent of the Junior Scientist Fellowship is two-fold: to provide funding for a first- or second-year graduate level project and to provide constructive feedback to select applicants to increase their chances of achieving success on a future National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship application.

The primary intent is to recognize outstanding research-oriented students who are entering their first year (or first semester of second year) of graduate study and to help them get their research off the ground. Graduate students from research-based psychology and neuroscience programs are eligible to apply.

The second intent of this fellowship is to provide written feedback to select applicants. Many students apply for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (eligibility requirements for the NSF fellowship) without ever having applied for a research fellowship. It is our intent to provide feedback to select applicants so that they can use that feedback to strengthen their NSF graduate fellowship application.


Funds for this $1,000 fellowship must be used to support direct research costs. These funds can be used to pay participants, purchase essential equipment or software, acquire books or instruction manuals critical to one's line of research, pay fees to publish at open-access journals, or for any other direct research cost. The funds cannot be used for indirect costs such as travel, personal computer or class textbooks. The funds can be used for any direct research costs in a student's first year (or second year, if submitting in the summer prior to one's first year) of graduate school and do not need to be limited to the research discussed in the research essay.

How to Apply
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