College Success Foundation (formerly Washington Education Foundation)

This fund supports financially needy residents of WA pursuing an education.

Sponsor: College Success Foundation (formerly Washington Education Foundation)


The Washington State Achievers Scholarship awards an average of $20,000 for four years to students in WA. The Governor's Scholarship for Foster Youth provides scholarships ranging between $1,000 to $5,000 per year for up to five years to WA high school students.


Financially needy residents of WA. For the Washington State Achievers Scholarship, students must be in their junior year, plan on attending a four-year college in WA, and have an income that is in the lowest 35 percent of WA state income levels. For applicants to the Governor's Scholarship for Foster Youth, applicants must be a ward of the court, or aging out of foster care.

How to Apply
For application details for each of the five scholarships offered, please visit the website at