Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (Academic Institutions)

This program provides scholarships to full-time, financially needy students from disadvantaged backgrounds enrolled in health professions and nursing programs.

Sponsor: Department of Health and Human Services


Participating schools are responsible for selecting scholarship recipients and determining the amount needed by each recipient. Scholarship applicants can apply only at schools that participate in the Scholarships for Disadvantaged program and interested students must contact the student financial aid office at the school he/she is enrolled in or plans to apply to for admission.


Qualified applicants include those enrolled in graduate programs in behavioral and mental health practice, which include clinical social work, professional counseling, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy. Students are not eligible to apply directly for Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students; this is an institution-based program. Interested students must contact the student financial aid office at their school.

How to Apply
Apply for this scholarship at the student financial aid office of the school where you are or intend to be enrolled.