Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Awards

This award recognizes excellence in doctoral dissertation research that has been completed within the past two years.

Deadline: December 31, 2015

Sponsor: Division 15


The Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Award is conferred each year to the author of an exceptional dissertation in educational psychology.

The award consists of a plaque, a check for $500 and a program time slot for an invited address at the annual meeting. The recipient gives his/her address and receives the plaque and check at the APA conference in the year following the announcement, thus allowing a full year for the preparation of the invited address.


The Paul R. Pintrich Dissertation Award is given to an individual who finishes his/her doctoral dissertation within the previous two calendar years from when the award will be announced. 

The dissertation must be in the area of educational psychology, broadly defined, and the proposed recipient must be a member or affiliate of the Division at the time of the award consideration.

How to Apply

For more information and details about submitting an application, please see the division website.

Past Recipients

Kate Niehaus, PhD
"School Support, Parental Involvement, and Academic and Social-Emotional Outcomes for English Language Learners"


Maggie Renken, PhD
"Computer Simulations and Conceptual Change: What is the Role of Simulated Experiments in the Context of Prior Belief Bias and Ambiguous Data?"


Andrew Butler
"Using Repeated Testing and Variable Encoding to Promote Transfer of Learning"

Chris Hulleman
"The Role of Utility Value in the Development of Interest and Achievement"

Lynette S. Arnold
"Enhancing Student Academic Regulatory Processes: A Study of Metacognitive Knowledge Monitoring, Strategic Enhancement and Achievement"


Brien Bietzel
"Designing Contrasting Video Case Activities to Facilitate Learning of Complex Subject Matter"

David Fortus
"Design-Based Science and the Transfer of Science Knowledge and Real-world Problem-Solving Skills"
Michele Gregoire
"Effects of Augmented Activation, Refutational Text, Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs, and Systematic Processing on Conceptual Change Robert Klassen
A cross-cultural investigation of the efficacy beliefs of South Asian immigrant and Anglo non-immigrant early adolescents"
Elizabeth A. Linnenbrink
"The Dilemma of Performance Goals: Promoting Students' Motivation and Learning in Varying Goal Oriented Classrooms"