Division 20/RRF Student & Postdoctoral Awards: Proposed Research

This award recognizes research of students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post doctoral level and assists with funds associated with such research.

Sponsor: Division 20


The Division of Adult Development and Aging (Division 20) of the American Psychological Association is sponsoring a series of awards for student and post-doctoral research.

For the purposes of this award, the term "research" is broadly defined to include any scholarly endeavor, including but not limited to experiments, correlational studies, qualitative investigations, historical work, case studies, and evaluation research.

Funding is provided by the Retirement Research Foundation. This foundation was established by John D. McArthur in 1978 to support programs, research, and public policy studies to improve the quality of life of older Americans.

A cash award is planned at each of the following levels: undergraduate, graduate master's, doctoral, and postdoctoral.

How to Apply