SCRA Fellows

This award recognizes individuals for “outstanding and unusual contributions or performance” in community psychology.

Sponsor: Division 27


Each year the SCRA recognizes individuals for "outstanding and unusual contributions or performance" in community psychology by nominating then for Fellow status in the Society. Persons who are members of the American Psychological Association are also nominated for fellowship in APA.


Nominations for Fellow may be self-nominations or may come from a current Fellow of the SCRA. To identify nominees, the chair of the Fellowship Committee solicits nominations from current Fellows and reviews the membership list for candidates deserving of recognition and election to Fellow status.

However, with the diversity of activities and settings in which community psychologists work, each year deserving members are overlooked simply because the Fellowship chair or other Fellows are not aware of the candidates’ contributions. Consequently, self nominations are genuinely encouraged.

How to Apply

Nominations should include:

  • A completed APA Uniform Fellow Blank

  • A statement describing their “outstanding and unusual” contributions to community research and action

  • A vita

  • Four to five letters of support

Next, these materials are reviewed by the Society Fellowship Committee which decides which applicants to recommend to the Executive Committee for Fellow status.

All nominees who are approved by the Executive Committee become SCRA Fellows.

Names of SCRA Fellows who are APA members are also forwarded to APA for consideration as APA Fellows.