Anne Anastasi Early Career Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions and promise of continued work of outstanding quality.

Sponsor: Division 5


This award recognizes an early career individual who has made outstanding contributions to assessment, evaluation, measurement, research methods and/or statistics, and who shows promise of continued outstanding work. The contribution may be in academic, clinical, government, industry or other settings.

This award endowed by the Fordham University Graduate School of Education and the College Board was established in honor of Dr. Anne Anastasi — a remarkable scholar and dedicated teacher — who from a very early age had a major impact on our understanding of issues related to testing, particularly test construction, test misuse, misinterpretation and cultural bias.

Award recipients attending the APA Annual Convention will receive the following:

  • An invitation to present at the convention (length varies by award).

  • A cash award of $500 to help offset travel expenses to the convention. 

All award recipients will also receive:

  • An honorary one-year membership to Division 5.

  • An awards plaque and a place in history.

How to Apply
Past Recipients