Distinguished Scientific Contributions to the Application of Psychology (Division 50)

This award recognizes a distinguished contribution to the application of psychology.

Deadline: March 1, 2016; March 1, 2017

Sponsor: Division 50


This award recognizes a division member who has made distinguished contributions to the application of psychology. These contributions may include (a) the discovery and development of new information, empirical or otherwise in the addictions field; (b) alternatively, it might be the development of new modes of clinical practice, or the development of a major health delivery system for addictive behaviors. The new information permits innovative applications in a wide variety of situations: assessment, consultation, instruction, training, and direct or indirect interventions. Alternatively, the new service delivery might reach new clienteles, or segments of the population not previously accessed before.

The Div. 50 award categories are rotated every year:

More information is available on the Div. 50 award descriptions webpage.


Nominees must be a member of Div. 50 (Society of Addiction Psychology).

How to Apply

The 2014 award cycle is now closed. Awards for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to the Application of Psychology will be included in the 2016 cycle. Please check the Div. 50 call for awards and nominations webpage for more information.

Past Recipients

Mark B. Sobell, PhD


Ray Hanbury


No award given.


No award given.


No award given.


No award given.


No award given.


William R. Miller, PhD