The Distinguished International Psychologist Awards

These awards recognize years of significant contributions to global psychology.

Sponsor: Division 52


The Division presents two Outstanding International Psychologist Awards. One award is given to a psychologist from the United States and the second award is for a psychologist outside the United States. Both awards give recognition to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to international psychology either through significant research, teaching, advocacy, and/or contributions to international organizations.

How to Apply

Each April the Secretary of the Division and the Division webmaster issue a call for nominations for both awards to our Division, CIRP, and the APA Office of International Affairs with a two-month deadline. Nominators are asked to provide names and brief statements concerning the nominees. The Awards Committee makes award recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may suggest additional candidates and approves the final nominees. The nominees are presented to the Board for final approval. Nominees will then be contacted to provide additional background and information as needed. In any given year the Board may decide not to give these awards. Recognition of the awardees will occur at the APA convention.

Nominations should be sent to Dr. Michael Stevens.

Past Recipients

Abel-Sattar Ibrahim (Cairo, Egypt)
Peter Smith (Sussex, England)
Shane Jimerson and Walt Lonner (U.S)


Michael Bond, PhD (Hong Kong)
Sarlito Sarwono, PhD (Jakarta) 


Oliva Espin (U.S.)
Maria del Pilar Grazioso (non-U.S.)


Chris Stout (U.S.)
Marilyn P. Safir (non-U.S.)


Ronald P. Rohner (U.S.)
Ramadan A. Ahmed (non-U.S.)


Kathryn L. Norsworthy (U.S.)
Ronald H. Rozensky (U.S.)
Sheung-Tak Cheng (non-U.S.)
Martha E. Givaudan Moreno (non-U.S.)


Gerard A. Jacobs, PhD (U.S.)
Michel Sabourin, PhD (non-U.S, Canada)


Uwe P. Gielen (U.S.)
Fanny Cheung (non-U.S.)


Anthony J. Marsella (U.S.)
Ruben Ardilla (non-U.S.)


Nancy Felipe Russo (U.S.)
John G. Adair (non-U.S.)


Harry C. Triandis (U.S.)
Susan Pick (U.S.)


Robert F. Morgan (U.S.)
Elizabeth Nair (non-U.S.)


Henry P. David (U.S.)
Raymond D. Fowler (U.S.)
Peter Merenda (U.S.)
Bernhard Wilpert (U.S.)


Frances M. Culbertson (U.S.)
Florence L. Denmark (U.S.)
Edwin A. Fleishman (U.S.)
Charles D. Spielberger (U.S.)