Henry A. Murray Award

This award recognizes an individual who has made distinguished contributions to the study of lives and whole persons.

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The Murray Award, established in 1978, is made annually to recognize and encourage those working in the demanding and difficult tradition pioneered by Professor Murray.

The Murray tradition may be characterized as follows: 

  • Receptiveness to the value of bringing together a variety of disciplines, theoretical viewpoints and research techniques. 
  • Conceptual tools that lend themselves to the integration of the tough and tender in personality research. 
  • A theoretical outlook that recognizes intrapsychic structure and the thematic of phenotypic diversity. 
  • Interest in imagination and in biography, literature and myth as psychological data. 
  • Interest in the biological, social, and cultural contexts of personality. 
  • A style of intellectual leadership that has contributed to outstanding work that exhibits several of these characteristics.

Awardees receive $1,000 and are asked to present a Murray Award address to the meeting of American Psychological Association the following year.

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