Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology (includes career designation)

This award recognizes specific contributions in education and training.

Deadline: June 1, 2015; June 1, 2016

Sponsor: Board of Educational Affairs


This award recognizes specific contributions in education and training, including: 

  • Important research on education or training.
  • The development of effective materials for instruction.
  • The establishment of workshops, conferences or networks of communication for education and training.
  • Achievement and leadership in administration that facilitates education and training.
  • Activity in professional organizations that promote excellence. 

At the discretion of the Committee on Education and Training Awards, the designation of "career" may be added to the award title in a given year. Career designation recognizes the efforts of psychologists who have been involved in developmental phases of programs or who have made continuous significant contributions to education and training over a lifelong career in psychology.

How to Apply
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