Hawaii Community Foundation (formerly the Hawaiian Foundation) - Graduate

Hawai‘i Community Foundation's scholarship program consists of over 150 different scholarship funds established by generous individuals, businesses or organizations to assist Hawai‘i's residents in obtaining a college education.

Sponsor: Hawaii Community Foundation (formerly the Hawaiian Foundation)


Some of the funds are part of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and some represent private foundations that have asked Hawai‘i Community Foundation to administer their scholarships. Students apply to the program and, if eligible, can be awarded from one or more of these funds.


Scholarships to residents of the state of HI who plan to attend an accredited two- or four-year college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student. For a list of specific scholarships and eligibility criteria, please see http://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/index.php?id=239&categoryID=7

How to Apply
Apply online at http://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/index.php?id=50. For questions, please email scholarships@hcf-hawaii.org or call the program's Scholarships staff 808-566-5570 or toll-free from neighbor islands at 1-888-731-3863.