APA Grants for Internship Programs

The APA has allocated up to $3 million over a period of three years for seed funding under a grant application process to increase the number of APA-accredited internship programs and positions.

Deadline: November 7, 2014

Sponsor: Board of Educational Affairs (BEA)


The dual purposes are to expand the number of accredited internship positions and to promote quality training for professional practice. This grant program is one component of multifaceted efforts across the profession and APA to address the significant imbalance in supply and demand for accredited internships.

The APA Board of Educational Affairs believes that professional psychology is best served by a workforce trained in programs that meet the standards of the profession as demonstrated through a quality assurance mechanism recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Completion of an APA-accredited internship is also a requirement for hiring by federal agencies and is increasingly required for state licensure. Moreover, unaccredited internship programs are not eligible for federal funding, such as the recent allocation of an extra $5 million by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

The Board of Educational Affairs now welcomes grant applications from internship programs desiring to become APA accredited. These grants will be limited to applicant internship programs operated by nonprofit entities to assist with any or all of the following toward the goal of accreditation:

  1. APA-accreditation application fees.

  2. Accreditation site visit fees.

  3. Program consultation.

  4. Administrative and supervisor support.

  5. Intern stipends and intern benefits.

  6. Other specifically identified direct costs to be incurred in seeking accreditation.

How to Apply
Past Recipients