National Hispanic Science Network (NHSN) Summer Research Training Institute

This program is designed for advanced graduate students who have an interest in drug abuse issues among Hispanics.

Sponsor National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)


Selected students will attend a multidisciplinary 8 day training, taught by NIDA-funded scientists, revolving around a series of lectures and workshops on Hispanics and drug research. On the final day of the training, students will present a two-page abstract of a proposed research project. Each fellow will be required to submit a paper of publication quality on this same project to the University of Houston, Office for Drug & Social Policy Research within the next 12 months of completing the program. To ensure continued professional development of all participants, each fellow will be encouraged to apply for a NIDA fellowship, a NIDA minority supplement grant or seek funding from another National Institutes of Health agency.

How to Apply