Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowship

These fellowships provide the opportunity for foreign national recent doctoral degree recipients to enhance their research skills in the resource-rich National Institutes of Health environment.

Sponsor: NIH

Trainees in these programs pursue both basic and clinical research free from the demands of obtaining grants and teaching, although opportunities to do both are available.
To be eligible to apply for this program, candidates must hold a doctoral degree and have no more than five years of relevant research experience since receipt of their most recent doctoral degree. Citizens of all non-U.S. countries are welcome to apply.
How to Apply

Prospective candidates should apply electronically via the Internet.

The electronic application requires submission of:

  • A curriculum vitae.

  • A list of the applicant's publications.

  • A cover letter.

  • The names and contact information for three references.

Individuals who do not have access to the Internet are encouraged to visit a local library.

Application for these positions should be made by contacting the investigator who has listed the position or by following the instructions included in the position announcement.