Women's Health Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship uses co-mentored projects to facilitate collaborations between laboratories in NIH intramural programs that investigate issues involving women's health.

Sponsor: NIH


Research opportunities include one or a combination of basic research, translational research, epidemiological research, biomedical history, or biomedical bioinformatics research. Fellows will attend all lab meetings as well as the Women's Health Scientific Interest Group lectures. The Women's Health Postdoctoral Fellowship is funded by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health through a generous grant from AstraZeneca and presented in collaboration with the NIH Intramural Program on Research on Women's Health, the Office of Research on Women's Health, and the Office of Intramural Research.


To be eligible to apply for this program, candidates must hold a doctoral degree and have no more than five years of relevant research experience since receipt of their most recent doctoral degree. Also, candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

How to Apply
Check website for application information http://www.training.nih.gov/postdoctoral/womenshealth.asp.