School Psychology

Division 16: School Psychology is composed of scientific-practitioner psychologists whose major professional interests lie with children, families and the schooling process. The division represents the interests of psychologists engaged in the delivery of comprehensive psychological services to children, adolescents and families in schools and other applied settings. The division is dedicated to facilitating the professional practice of school psychology and actively advocates in domains, such as education and health care reform, which have significant implications for the practice of psychology with children. Members receive the journal School Psychology Quarterly and the quarterly newsletter The School Psychologist. The division welcomes student members. Non-doctoral-level school psychologists and practitioners are welcome to join the division as professional affiliates.



Linda A. Reddy, PhD
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Amanda Sullivan, PhD, University of Minnesota



School Psychology Quarterly (quarterly)
Editor: Shane R. Jimerson, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara


The School Psychologist
Editor: Rosemary Flanagan 

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Number of School Psychologists in the United States

Estimated 25,000 school psychologists in the U.S. and about 21,000 are members of the National Association of School Psychologists (including trainers and students). All practicing school psychologists are licensed or certified by their respective state departments of education or other agency. About 75 percent are nondoctoral persons. For a synopsis of data see Fagan & Wise (2000): School psychology, past, present, and future. Bethesda, MD: NASP, chapter one; or School Psychology Review, Vol. 29(4), especially article by Dan Reschly.

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