Society for Environmental, Population and Conservation Psychology

Division 34: Society for Environmental, Population and Conservation Psychology members apply psychological knowledge and practice to improve interactions between humans and our natural and built environments. Topics of interest include (1) human behavior and well-being related to the design of built spaces, landscapes and natural environments, (2) conservation of wildlife and other species, (3) synergies between human mental health and the ecology of the natural environment, and (4) the psychological consequences of high population density. We maintain websites, an electronic mailing list and social networking sites; publish newsletters; organize APA convention programs; publicize activities and employment opportunities; and promote diverse approaches in the study of environmental psychology.



Britain Scott, PhD


John Fraser, PhD


Online Bulletin

Population & Environmental Psychology Bulletin

Read About Division 34 Topics in the Monitor

The call of the wild
The conservation psychology arm of Division 34 is calling for all psychologists to use their skills and training to protect the natural world.

Design in mind
Psychologists can help to design smart, sustainable spaces for the 21st century.

Therapy gone wild
More psychologists are using the wilderness as a backdrop and therapeutic tool in their work.

A healthier course
A psychology doctoral student examines ways to help war veterans heal through therapeutic adventure.

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