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The Committee on Division/APA Relation's March 2002 agenda contained action items that will go to the APA Board of Directors for final approval during their June 2002 meeting.


The Committee on Division/APA Relations met during the Spring Consolidated meetings, March 15-17, 2002. CODAPAR’s agenda contained a number of action items which were taken up and will go to the APA Board of Directors for final approval during their June 2002 meeting. Items of interest to divisions included:

Applications for Interdivisional Grants: CODAPAR members reviewed all applications for interdivisional grant funding and, after careful consideration, agreed to recommend five projects for funding. The Board of Directors will review CODAPAR’s recommendations at their June meeting and awardees will be notified immediately thereafter.

Nominations to CODAPAR: CODAPAR members reviewed nominations to the committee and formulated two slates, Science/Education and Practice, for submission to the Board of Directors. Drs. Gloria Gottsegen and Mary Kite will complete their terms of service on December 31, 2002. As in past years, and based on the pool of nominees, CODAPAR attempted to put forward a balanced set of slates with attention given to achieving gender balance and diversity. The names of the approved appointees will be published in the July/August 2002 Dialogue.

5-Year Review Process, 1997-2001: CODAPAR reviewed information relating to the implementation plan for first 5-Year Review of Divisions. The initial group of divisions to be reviewed and the CODAPAR reviewer include:

Dr. Gary Brooks: Division 18
Dr. Angelo DeNisi: Divisions 1 and 13
Dr. Gloria Gottsegen: Divisions 33 and 38
Dr. Mary Kite: Divisions 28 and 48
Dr. Ilene Serlin: Division 7
Dr. Keith Yeates: Divisions 23 and 43

CODAPAR will provide reports to the Board of Directors at the Board’s meeting in December 2002. The Council of Representatives will receive an information item at its February 2003 meeting.

Questions concerning the 5-year review should be directed to the division’s assigned CODAPAR reviewer or to Courtney A. Leyendecker, Division Services Officer/Staff Liaison to CODAPAR, 202-336-6121 or email: Courtney Leyendecker.

Thanks to the Division Fellowship Chairs for Another Job Well Done!

The Membership Committee and the Central Office membership staff would like to thank and publicly commend the Division Fellowship Chairs for all their hard work in nominating candidates for APA Fellowship. Initial Fellows recommended by the Membership Committee will be announced after the August Convention and their Fellows status will begin in 2003. Also at the Convention this year, a Fellows workshop will be held, please join us… we welcome all who want to attend and find out more about the APA fellowship process! We hope to see you there! For more information please contact: Sonja Wiggins at (202) 336-5590.

SIOP Presents Annual Awards for Excellence in I-O Psychology

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology presented its top honors on April 12 at its annual conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Nearly 3,000 people attended the three-day conference, which was presided over by SIOP President Dr. William Macey of Personnel Research Associates Inc. in Arlington Heights, IL.

Recipients of SIOP’s three major contributions awards were Dr. Gary Latham of the University of Toronto and Dr. Robert Pritchard of Texas A&M University, who were presented the Distinguished Scientific Contributions Awards. Dr. George Thornton III of Colorado State University was honored with the Distinguished Professional Contributions Award.

Latham was recognized for his numerous theoretical contributions to the field of I-O psychology, including the co-development of goal-setting theory. Pritchard was honored for his theoretical and empirical contributions in the areas of motivation and organizational productivity. Thornton’s long-time contributions to the practice, theory and research in I-O psychology comprised the criteria for his award.

Dr. Michele Gelfand of the University of Maryland received the Distinguished Early Careers Award for her impressive and significant research during the early part of her career.

There were co-winners of the William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, given to the researchers for having what was considered the best article published in I-O psychology in 2000.

Dr. Elaine Pulakos and Dr. Sharon Arad, both of Personnel Decisions Research Institutes in Arlington, VA, and Dr. Michele Donovan of the University of Illinois and Dr. Kevin Plamondon of Michigan State University were recognized for their article “Adaptability in the Workplace: Development of a Taxonomy of Adaptive Performance,” which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Also receiving an Owens Award was Dr. E. Allan Lind of Duke University, Dr. Jerald Greenberg and Kimberly Scott, both of The Ohio State University, and Thomas Welchans for their article entitled “The Winding Road from Employee to Complainant: Situational and Psychological Determinants of Wrongful-Termination Claims,” which appeared in Administrative Science Quarterly.

The M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace was presented to a team of I-O practitioners for developing a U.S. Department of Labor project called “O*Net." Recipients of the award were Dr. Norman Peterson and Dr. Michael Mumford of the American Institutes for Research in Washington D.C., Dr. Walter Borman of Personnel Decisions Research Institutes in Arlington, VA; Dr. P. Richard Jeanneret of Jeanneret & Associates in Houston, TX, and Dr. Edwin A. Fleischman of Management Research Institute.

O*Net describes every occupation in the U.S. economy and provides every known descriptor of jobs, workers and organizations. O*Net will replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which is the government’s official description of jobs and job requirements and has a wide range of uses.

Steven Rumery of Leadership Research Institute in North Windham, CT and the University of Connecticut received the Robert J. Wherry Award for the Best Paper at the I-O/OB Conference, which is an annual gathering of I-O psychology students. Rumery’s presentation is entitled “The Design and Validation of a Measure of Workgroup Turnover Culture.”

Remus Ilies of the University of Florida was presented the John C. Flanagan Award for Outstanding Student Contribution to the SIOP Conference for his poster, “Individual Differences in Leadership Emergence.”

Special recognition was given to Lee Hakel, director of the SIOP administrative office in Bowling Green, OH, when she was presented the first-ever Gold Medal Award, which will be give once every three years to a person who has made “extraordinary, long-lasting and unique” contributions to SIOP and I-O psychology.

Division 47: Sport and Exercise Psychology Presents the 24th Annual Running Psychologists' APA 5K Race and Walk Saturday, August 24, 2002

Go to www.psyc.unt.edu/apadiv47/running.html

Fellowship Status Conferred on Six I-O Psychologists

TORONTO, ONTARIO—The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology has elected six of its members to be Fellows, the society’s highest honor. Announcement of the awards was made Friday (April 12) during the annual SIOP national conference in Toronto.

“SIOP Fellows have distinguished themselves by their unusual and outstanding contributions to the field,” Dr. William Macey, president of the 6,000-member organization, said. “Those who achieve this status have had broad influence on the discipline and are recognized in this manner only after their contributions are rigorously evaluated by their peers. It is a high honor granted only to a small percentage of industrial-organizational psychologists.” Elected to SIOP Fellowship were: Dr. David V. Day, an associate professor of industrial and organizational psychology Pennsylvania State University; Dr. K. Michele Kacmar, the Charles A. Rovetta Professor of Management at Florida State University; Dr. Jerard F. Kehoe, the director for organization effectiveness at AT&T Human Resources in Morristown, N.J.; Dr. Avraham N. Kluger, senior lecturer in the Jerusalem School of Business Administration at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel; Dr. Phillip L. Roth, a professor of management at Clemson University, and Dr. Aharon Tziner, professor and dean of The Academic College of Netanya in Netanya, Israel.

For more information, contact Clif Boutelle, SIOP Information, at 419-353-0032.

Division Services Staff

Laura Anibal Braceland, Division Services Coordinator
Keith Cooke, Division Services Manager
Penny Harrison, Division Services Assistant
Sarah Jordan, Director, Divisions Services
Courtney Leyendecker, Division Services Officer

Committee on Division/APA Relations

Gloria B. Gottsegen, PhD, Chair
Divisions: 12, 29, 38, 39, 42, 46, 52, 55

Keith O. Yeates, PhD, Vice-Chair
Divisions: 5, 8, 23, 26, 27, 40, 43, 53, 54

Gary R. Brooks, PhD
Divisions: 13, 18, 20, 22, 31, 33, 41, 50, 51

Angelo S. DeNisi, PhD
Divisions: 1, 14, 15, 19, 21, 24, 25, 34

Mary E. Kite, PhD
Divisions: 2, 3, 6, 7, 28, 35, 44, 47, 48

Ilene Serlin, PhD
Divisions: 9, 10, 16, 17, 30, 32, 36, 37, 45

Charles L. Brewer, PhD
Board of Directors Liaison

Online References for Division Officers

Go to www.apa.org/about/division/divofficers.html

Division Materials for the Division Services Booth

Division Materials for the Division Services Booth at the 2002 APA Convention are due to the APA Division Services Office no later than Friday, July 12, 2002.

Shipments should be sent directly to:

APA Division Services Office
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Materials can include up to 350 copies of:

  • Membership Applications

  • Membership & Student Affiliate Information

  • Division Newsletters

  • Journal Subscription Information

  • Sample Suite Information/Programs

  • Convention Special Events Information

Boxes should be clearly labeled with the name and numerical designation of the division and contents being sent.

For further information, please contact either Keith Cooke (202-336-6197) or Courtney A. Leyendecker (202-336-6121).

2002 Deadlines for Articles for The APA/Division Dialogue

Please submit copy on diskette or via email to Courtney A. Leyendecker

July/August: June 17, 2002
September/October: August 19, 2002
November/December: October 14, 2002

2002 APA Convention, Chicago, IL, August 22nd - 26th