From the Education Directorate

This year the Education Directorate is co-sponsoring a new teaching workshop series, “Developing Your Teaching Philosophy and Style,” which aims to develop and improve the teaching skills of graduate students and new faculty.

Teaching Workshop Enhances Regional Conventions

The Education Directorate participates annually in regional psychological association conventions and collaborates with APA divisions and other groups to support programming, workshops, and initiatives pertaining to education and training in psychology. This year specifically, the directorate is co-sponsoring a new teaching workshop series “Developing Your Teaching Philosophy and Style” which aims to develop and improve the teaching skills of graduate students and new faculty. The workshop, co-sponsored by the David and Carol Myers Foundation, The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2) Task Force on Preparing the New Psychology Professoriate (PNPP), the Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology (CTUP) and the APA Education Directorate, has been held at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) and the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) conventions, and will be presented at the New England Psychological Association (NEPA) convention in October.

The workshop focuses on the development of a basic, individualized philosophy of teaching. With this foundation, it also works to:

  • Understand the essential steps involved in planning an undergraduate course in psychology

  • Construct a course that reflects the essential aspects of effective instruction

  • Develop at least one teaching method (e.g., active learning, writing, etc.)

  • Develop strategies for continued teacher development

The Education Directorate’s presence at regional conventions supports an audience that ranges from veteran psychologists and educators to the undergraduate student community. The Directorate encourages the psychology and education communities to keep abreast of other workshops and activities by visiting and the Division 2 website, where users can subscribe to the PsychTeacher listserv for updates.

Connecting Community College Teachers and APA

Exciting things are happening for psychology faculty at community colleges. APA has approved the Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) as an official governance structure. This committee is working to establish a special APA affiliate membership category that will allow community college teachers to connect to APA. A major goal of this committee is to establish a national organization of community college faculty that is a part of APA and can work to identify and serve the needs of two-year college faculty and students.

Some of PT@CC’s initial work includes the completion of a survey that identifies the characteristics of teachers of psychology at two-year colleges. The survey revealed that more than one-half million students take psychology courses at two-year colleges each year. Among other things, the committee found that the ratio of Ph.D. to MA level faculty is about 50:50 and the gender split is about even too. For more information about the survey results, contact Martha Braswell in the Education Directorate by email or at 202-336-6140.

PT@CC will be busy this summer, as the committee will be sponsoring five sessions for two-year college faculty at the upcoming APA Convention. This includes a session on innovative teaching using technology in the classroom, a session on using humor in classroom teaching, and a session on using simulations to get students involved in learning. In addition, Dr. Robert Cialdini will deliver an invited address on “Crafting Normative Messages to Protect the Environment” and there will be a roundtable session exploring resources for community college faculty.

Finally, PT@CC and Psi Beta are delighted to invite you to a reception for 2-year college faculty attending the APA Convention on Friday, August 23rd, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Psi Beta Hospitality Suite at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel (2233 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois). For more information about PT@CC’s convention programming, please refer to the APA Convention Web site. 

Technology Workshop for Undergraduate Psychology Faculty

The APA Education Directorate is pleased to announce plans for a 1-1/2 day workshop, “Using Technology to Enhance the Teaching of Psychology” for undergraduate faculty. Working with the Department of Psychology at Spelman College, the Education Directorate and the Public Interest Directorate invite you to attend the workshop beginning with registration at 8:30 am on Friday, June 28, 2002, and continuing for a half day on Saturday, June 29, 2002, on the campus of Spelman College in Atlanta, GA.

Workshop presenters are Vincent Hevern, PhD, of Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY, and Tonja Ringgold, PhD, of Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, MD. Professor Hevern is the webmaster for The Society for the Teaching of Psychology ( His colleague, Professor Ringgold ( has experience teaching various psychology courses using a multimedia “Smart Classroom.” Her specialty is designing modules and presentations for use in multimedia classrooms.

This workshop will provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate faculty to develop new skills for utilizing technology in the classroom. Exposure to web page construction, presentation software, and ways to use technology in research and education will provide valuable tools to promote excellence in the teaching of psychology. Participants will be involved in hands-on activities and have an opportunity for networking and sharing ideas with other faculty.

To register for the workshop, contact Martha Braswell or call toll-free (800) 374-2721, ext. 6140.

Education Plans Annual Pre-Convention Programs for Students and Faculty

3rd Annual Developing Teachers of Psychology Workshop Participants Praise 2001 Initiative

—“The workshop sparked ideas and possibilities that I will try out this semester in my class…”

—“I was encouraged to think about teaching in a way that I’ve never done, to really own my responsibility, style, and choices…”

These are just a few of the positive comments received about the 2001 Developing Teachers of Psychology (DTP) Workshop. In preparation for the Chicago Convention, the Education Directorate, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2), and the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program are developing the 3rd annual DTP for graduate students, postdocs, and new faculty. The workshop is a pre-convention program to be held in Chicago on Tuesday, August 20 and Wednesday, August 21, 2002. Participants will spend a day and a half working with three distinguished, award-winning teachers of psychology to construct a strategic plan and improve their skills. Pre-registration is required (see website information below). Space is limited and you are encouraged to register as soon as possible!

Careers in Psychology Seminars

Immediately following the DTP, beginning at noon on Wednesday, August 21, the Education Directorate is sponsoring two careers seminars: “How to be an Excellent Mentor,” featuring Drs. W. Brad Johnson and Jennifer Huwe, and “Career Paths in Psychology”, featuring presentations by psychologists who are employed in various areas of the discipline. A final presentation will be from the APA Research Office to provide current data about jobs in psychology and to address students’ questions or concerns. Registration is not required for these seminars.

To register for the DTP Workshop and learn more about the Careers Seminars at the 2002 APA Convention, please visit the APA Convention Web site.

The Education Directorate’s 2001 Annual Report

It’s an easy-to-navigate, photo-filled summary of our events in 2001, highlighting:

  • Education Leadership Conference (ELC)

  • Teaching Workshops

  • Convention Activities

  • Outreach

  • Awards, Grants

  • Reports

and much more!