May/June 2002

Division News

The Committee on Division/APA Relation's March 2002 agenda contained action items that will go to the APA Board of Directors for final approval during their June 2002 meeting.

From the Education Directorate

This year the Education Directorate is co-sponsoring a new teaching workshop series, “Developing Your Teaching Philosophy and Style,” which aims to develop and improve the teaching skills of graduate students and new faculty.

From the Practice Directorate

New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (R) signed legislation into law authorizing properly trained psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medications to patients, making New Mexico the first state in the country to institute such a law.

From the Public Interest Directorate

Today’s workplace is being shaped by an integrated and global economy and the organization of work and the composition of the labor force are changing rapidly.

From the Science Directorate

Academic scholars, researchers, and personnel from justice, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies met for an invitational conference on “Countering Terrorism: Integration of Practice and Theory.”