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To enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes, the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) reviews proposals for financial support to award $5,000 in BEA Block Grants each year.

APA Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) Block Grants In Support of Precollege and Undergraduate Teaching Conferences

To enhance the quality of teaching and learning outcomes, the Board of Educational Affairs reviews proposals for financial support to award $5,000 in BEA Block Grants each year.


To be considered for funding, applications must meet the following criteria:

  1. the conference must advance the teaching of psychology at the secondary, 2-year, and/or 4-year level;

  2. the conference must be directed by an APA member, associate, or affiliate;

  3. the grant must be requested by an APA member, associate, or affiliate; and

  4. the grant must be used to offset travel expenses of selected conference participants, registration fees of conference participants, and/or speaker fees.

It is possible that conferences that have received block grants two years in a row may not be funded or may be funded at lower levels on the third consecutive application to ensure that a variety of conferences receive grants.

Proposals for block grants will be reviewed and evaluated according to the following criteria:

Conference Goals and Activities Proposals will be rated on the perceived importance and uniqueness of the conference as well as the clarity and completeness of the description of the conference objectives and activities. (A conference announcement/ brochure should be submitted with the application.)

Composition of Target Audience Proposals will be rated on the potential impact and suitability of content for the target audience.

Budgetary Information Proposals will be rated on the clarity and completeness of the description of the conference budget, anticipated expenses, as well as confirmed and anticipated sources and amounts of funding.

Following the evaluation of the proposals, the BEA Block Grants Subcommittee will recommend monetary awards based on the availability of funds and on the quality of the applications. *

*Applicants may be awarded up to $1,000 during a given year. If fewer than five acceptable applications are received in a given year, the BEA may award more than one block grant (and more than $1,000) to the same conference in that year.

Deadline: Funding requests for teaching conferences in 2003 should be postmarked by February 28, 2003. Please send written requests to: Martha Boenau, Education Directorate at the APA address.

Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges

What Is PT@CC?

PT@CC is an acronym for Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges, a group of members and affiliates of the American Psychological Association that was established in 2001 and whose Executive Committee is elected to represent the interests of community college psychology teachers. Members of the PT@CC Executive Committee include Ann Ewing, PhD, Chair, Donna Duffy, PhD, Robert Johnson, PhD, Patricia Puccio, EdD, Tonja Ringgold, EdD, and Jerry Rudmann, PhD.

What Does PT@CC Do?

PT@CC serves the professional needs of psychology teachers at community colleges;
PT@CC provides a voice for community college teachers in the governance of APA;
PT@CC supports sessions related to the teaching of psychology at national and regional conventions;
PT@CC conducts surveys that identify the status of psychology in community colleges and needs of community college teachers;
PT@CC encourages learning of psychology through an annual "electronic poster" contest and certificates to recognize outstanding community college students of psychology;
PT@CC develops partnership projects with Psi Beta (the National Honor Society in Psychology for Commu nity and Junior Colleges) and STP (The Society for the Teaching of Psychology) for the encouragement of excellence in teaching and learning of psychology; and
PT@CC encourages research in the teaching and learning of psychology at community colleges.
APA Community College Teacher Affiliates
PT@CC and its parent board, the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA), proposed the establishment of a new APA membership category for Community College Teacher Affiliates. The Board of Directors and the Council of Representatives approved the new affiliate category; the APA membership voted to amend the Bylaws in December 2002. The new affiliate category will be in effect by January 2003 and applications will be available from the APA Membership Office.

Please pass this information on to your community college faculty colleagues who may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to become Community College Teacher Affiliates. We also encourage APA Members and Associates with an interest in psychology at community colleges to join PT@CC. For further information on PT@CC or the new affiliate membership category, contact Martha Boneau in the Education Directorate (1-800-374-2721, ext. 6140).

Visit to learn more about PT@CC.