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At its annual conference the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology will host more than 200 presentations highlighting ongoing research and studies into a wide range of human behavior in the workplace.

Accounting Services to the Divisions

By Lillian White, Assistant Controller, APA Finance

With the cancellation of the 2003 Division Leadership Conference and the change in division officers in August and January, it would be timely to remind everyone of the accounting services that can be contracted through APA. A notable change announced in the November/December 2002 issue of The APA/Division Dialogue was the outsourcing of division accounting services. In October, we announced the selection of Century Business Services, Inc. (CBIZ) to provide accounting services to the divisions. CBIZ is a national CPA firm with an existing capability and expertise and provides these services to APA at a reasonable price. Your new point-of-contact is Cathy Syphax at CBIZ, by phone at (202) 336-5818, by fax at (301) 951-0425, or by mail at P.O. Box 41048, Bethesda MD 20824-1048.

The following is a recap of the accounting services that are available to divisions and some of the advantages of electing this service:

  • It’s FREE!

  • The division treasurer has less day-to-day paperwork to handle while still maintaining control over the division's finances.

  • There is consistency in the classification of expenses and revenues from year to year and from one treasurer to another.

  • Year-end reporting and tax filings, such as 1099s, are prepared and filed for the division.
    Financial records are stored/archived for at least seven years.

  • Divisions receive interest income on the money held by APA at the monthly rate earned on its checking applied to the prior month’s ending balance of division funds (less bank fees).

  • Should a division elect to invest funds in other instruments (i.e. money markets, certificates of deposit, treasuries, etc.), APA staff will assist in the administrative process and CBIZ will provide the periodic reporting on such funds as directed by the division treasurer.

  • The division’s financial records are reviewed as an integral part of APA's third party audit.

  • The division can operate under the accounting policies approved by APA's third party auditors and under the auspices of a CPA firm.

With this service, division treasurers will interact with the CBIZ’s accounting staff for day-to-day accounting issues as follows:

  • Disbursements: Treasurer approves and submits all requests for payment (along with original receipts/documentation to reduce the risk of duplicate payments and are audit-required) to CBIZ for processing. Treasurers transmit their authorization to disburse division funds by submitting the "Division Reimbursement/ Disbursement Form", indicating the accounts and budget codes (if applicable) that should be charged when these payments are made. Reimbursement/Disbursement Forms are not processed until “complete” with signature, receipts, etc. (normally within ten working days of receipt). Forms W-9 and 1099 are handled as part of this function.

  • Receipts: All dues collected and processed by APA will automatically be recorded on the division's books. Other checks for deposits and credit card payments are to be submitted by the treasurer to CBIZ for processing accompanied by the "Division or Section Receipt Form", indicating the accounts to be credited when deposits are made. Note: Dues received by the division in the current year for the following dues year will be recorded as deferred revenue (Dues Collected in Advance of Service Year) and not recognized as income until the subsequent year.

  • Reports: Monthly financial reports (including budget-to-actuals) are mailed to the division treasurer, usually within three weeks after month end. Various supplemental reports can be provided as well. Financial information is compiled to ultimately produce the division group tax return.

APA Finance staff are still available to act as liaisons between the division and CBIZ, other APA departments, and our third party auditors. Kathy Gebe can be reached at (202) 336-5794 and Lillian White can be reached at (202) 312-6494. Kathy and Lillian will be contacting division treasurers very soon to begin the year-end data gathering process and checklist for the 2002 group tax return.

Division Membership Rosters are Online

By Keith Cooke, APA Division Services Manager

Membership rosters for divisions are now available online at the APA website: www.apa.org

On the home page, there is a MEMBERS ONLY link. That link will take you to a page that includes a link to MEMBER DIRECTORY (way down on the left side, under the YOUR TOOLS menu). Any APA member can log in from there with an ID and password to get to a list of APA members. Here are instructions:

How to login to a secure server

When you click on one of the database links in the left column of this page or on the members.apa.org homepage, you will be prompted for a user name and password. Your 8-digit APA membership number without the hyphen is your username. Your password will be your last name, all lower case.

USERNAME: 87654321
PASSWORD: lastname

If you have any difficulty logging in, you will be provided with a special form during the log in process. We will respond to the e-mail address you provide on the form within 24 hours. Please use the form for fastest response.

The APA membership directory has been available for a while, but the great news is that it now includes division memberships in the individual listings. There are also links on the right side of the page to DIVISION ROSTER, where you can see a list of names for a particular division. There are also links to DIVISION MEMBERSHIP STATISTICS and the COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Another excellent feature is an email link to update your APA record.

Bear in mind that although APA affiliate records are included in the online directory, students' and other affiliates' DIVISION memberships (anyone who is not a Member, Associate, or Fellow of APA) will not be reflected here since the APA Membership Office does not track division memberships for those categories.

2003 Annual SIOP Conference

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology will hold its annual conference April 11-13 at the Hilton and Royal Plaza Hotels at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. There will be more than 200 presentations highlighting ongoing research and studies into a wide range of human behavior in the workplace.

The 18th annual conference is expected to attract more than 3,000 people. On Thursday, April 10, SIOP will be offering 16 pre-conference workshops on a variety of topics, including executive coaching, succession management strategies, employee assessment and selection, employment law updates and financial accounting for I-O professionals.

SIOP President Ann Marie Ryan of Michigan State University will deliver the keynote address at the conference’s Friday morning plenary session. The annual SIOP awards and fellows will also be announced during the session.

Jeff McHenry of Microsoft Corporation is the conference chair. For more information about the conference, check the SIOP website at www.siop.org.

Division Governance Structure

In December 2002, Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service) Board Member Bill Safarjan sent a request for information to the Divofficers listserv. Division 18 was looking for models as it considers ways to reconfigure its Board of Directors. Dr. Safarjan promised to compile the information and distribute it if more than 20 responses were sent back.

Divisions 2, 6, 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 26, 27, 29, 33, 35, 39, 41, 42, 43, 46, 47, 48, 50, 53 and 54 completed the questionnaire.

Divisions that have not yet responded can still do so. The questions are shown below. Send information on your division's structure by fax to (202) 218-3599 to Sarah Jordan in the APA Division Services Office. If a significant number of additional responses are received we will include the results in a future issue of the Dialogue.

1. Division number and name:

2. Approximate number of members:

3. Board size:

4. Board structure:

____ Board members represent member interests (e.g., different specialties within an interest area)

____ Board members represent division functions (e.g., membership recruitment/retention, publications, website)

____ Other (please explain)

5. Number of elected positions:

6. Number of meetings per year outside of the APA Convention:

7. Number of conference calls per year:

8. Is there a functioning executive committee?

9. Number of executive committee meetings per year:

10. Number of executive committee conference calls per year:

Cutting Edge Communication Technologies Division 46 Focus for 2003

The focus for 2003 and the future for Division 46, Media Psychology, will be advancing the understanding and utilization of the sweeping changes which communication technologies will have on individuals, groups, and society. "The research and application of psychology to media as well as the effects of media will be the dominant role of media psychology in the 21st century. This focus will include multimedia telecommunications, the Internet, and virtual reality, with distance learning becoming the foundation for education and telehealth services becoming a staple in a variety of areas not just in rural communities," predicts Division 46 president, Elizabeth Carll, PhD.

One of Division 46's 2003 initiatives included the establishing of a Distance Learning Committee, chaired by Barry Gordon, PhD Division 46 will be presenting a live distance education course on "Integrating Internet and Information Technology into Your Practice". The Division 46 course is cosponsored by the California Psychological Association and Orange County Psychological Association. The course is scheduled for June 7, 2003 from 9:00 to 11 AM PST and offers 2 hours of APA CPE credits. Participants will be able to hear and ask questions on their telephone, while viewing all lecture slides on their Web browsers. Course instructors Barry Gordon PhD and Manny Tau, PsyD will discuss how psychologists can use the Internet and other information technologies to enhance their professional services.

The course includes legal, ethical, and technical issues as well as practical examples and resources to help participants develop and successfully integrate electronic services into their practice. For more information contact Dr. Gordon.

In addition, to provide opportunities for student participation, a Student Committee was established this year as well as an annual Student Dissertation/Research Award for research relating to any form of media. The award also includes a $200 stipend and a one-year free membership in Division 46. Please contact Lilli Friedland, PhD for 2003 application information, which has an April 30, 2003 deadline. Students interested in joining Division 46, please contact Student Committee Chair, June Wilson.

Division Services Staff

Sarah Jordan, Director, Divisions Services
Courtney Leyendecker, Division Services Officer
Keith Cooke, Division Services Manager
Laura Anibal Braceland, Division Services Coordinator
Penny Harrison, Division Services Assistant

2003 Committee on Division/APA Relations

Keith O. Yeates, PhD, Chair
Divisions: 8, 23, 26, 27, 37, 40, 43, 53, 54

Martha E. Banks, PhD
Divisions: 12, 22, 29, 35, 42, 46, 49, 52, 55

Gary R. Brooks, PhD
Divisions:18, 20, 31, 33, 41, 44, 50, 51

Angelo S. DeNisi, PhD
Divisions: 1, 13, 14, 15, 19, 21, 24, 25, 34

Lisa L. Harlow, PhD
Divisions: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 28, 38, 47, 48

Ilene Serlin, PhD
Divisions: 9, 16, 17, 30, 32, 36, 39, 45

Paul L. Craig, PhD, Board of Directors Liaison

2003 Deadlines for Articles for the APA/Division Dialogue

Please submit copy on diskette or via email to Courtney Leyendecker.

May/June 2003: April 25th
July/August 2003: June 20th
September/October 2003: August 22nd
November/December 2003: October 24th