APA/Division Dialogue July August Division News

APA conducted division officer elections for many of the APA divisions in late spring of 2003. APA congratulates these newly elected division officers.
  • 2003 Division/SPPA Election Results

  • APA Board of Directors Appoints New Members of CODAPAR

  • Coming this Fall 2003

Division/SPPA Election Results

APA conducted division officer elections for many of the APA divisions in late spring of 2003. The outcome of the elections were announced in early June. APA congratulates these newly elected division officers.

Division presidents-elect are asked to mark their calendars for the 2004 Division Leadership Conference, which will be held at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. The dates for the conference will run from the evening of January 30th to February 1 at noon. Letters of invitation from the Committee on Division/APA Relations will be sent in the fall.

Division 1
President-elect: Bonnie R. Strickland, PhD

Division 2
President-elect: William E. Addison, PhD

Division 3
President-elect: Alice F. Healy, PhD
Member-at-Large: Mark H. Ashcraft, PhD, Veronica J. Dark, PhD, and Thomas R Zentall, PhD
Council Representative: William N. Dember, PhD

Division 5
President-elect: Roger E. Millsap, PhD
Member-at-Large: Patrick J. Curran, PhD
Council Representative: Leona S. Aiken, PhD

Division 6
President-elect: James W. Grau, PhD
Member-at-Large: Mark E. Bouton, PhD

Division 7
Treasurer: David H. Uttal, PhD
Fellows Committee: John Colombo, PhD, and Melanie A. Killen, PhD
Member-at-Large: Gail S. Goodman, PhD
Council Representative: Robyn Fivush, PhD

Division 8
Council Representative: Edward Diener, PhD

Division 10
President-elect: Paul J. Locher, PhD
Member-at-Large: Sarah L. Benolken, PhD

Division 12
President-elect: Linda C. Sobell, PhD
Council Representative: Charles D. Spielberger, PhD

Division 13
President-elect: Stephen A. Gravenkemper, PhD
Member-at-Large: Gregory Pennington, PhD
Council Representative: Ann M. O'Roark, PhD

Division 14
Council Representative: William H. Macey, PhD

Division 15
President-elect: James G. Greeno, PhD
Treasurer: Julianne C. Turner, PhD
Member-at-Large: Angela M. O'Donnell, PhD
Council Representative: Bruce W. Tuckman, PhD

Division 16
President-elect: Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD
Secretary: K. Angeleque Akin-Little, PhD
V.P. for Social and Ethical Responsibility and Ethnic Minority Affairs: Melissa A. Bray, PhD
Council Representative, Slate I: Deborah J. Tharinger, PhD
Council Representative, Slate II: Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD

Division 17
President-elect: Puncky Paul Heppner, PhD
V. P. for Scientific Affairs: Bruce E. Wampold, PhD
V. P. for Professional Affairs: Jaquie Resnick, PhD

Division 18
President-elect: Robert W. Goldberg, PhD

Division 19
President-elect: W. Brad Johnson, PhD
Member-at-Large: Debra L. Dunivin, PhD
Council Representative: Steve Sellman, PhD

Division 20
President-elect: Leah L. Light, PhD
Treasurer: George W. Rebok, PhD
Member-at-Large: Gisela Labouvie-Vief, PhD, and Forrest R. Scogin, PhD

Division 21
President-elect: Deborah A. Boehm-Davis, PhD
Member-at-Large: Eduardo Salas, PhD

Division 22
President-elect: Allen W. Heinemann, PhD
Member-at-Large, Slate I: Linda R. Mona, PhD
Member-at-Large, Slate II: William M. Stiers, PhD

Division 24
President-elect: Suzanne R. Kirschner, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer: Scott D. Churchill, PhD
Member-at-Large: Jeanne Marecek, PhD

Division 25
President-elect: Timothy D. Hackenberg, PhD
Member-at-Large: Gregory J. Madden, PhD

Division 26
President-elect: Nicole B. Barenbaum, PhD

Division 27
President-elect: Clifford O'Donnell, PhD
Treasurer: Joseph A. Durlak, PhD
Member-at-Large: Hiro Yoshikawa, PhD

Division 28
President-elect: James P. Zacny, PhD
Member-at-Large: Craig R. Rush, PhD

Division 29
President-elect: Leon D. VandeCreek, PhD
Treasurer: Jan L. Culbertson, PhD
Member-at-Large: Jean A. Carter, PhD, and Alice K. Rubenstein, EdD

Division 30
President-elect: Frank A. DePiano, PhD
Treasurer: Guy H. Montgomery, PhD
Member-at-Large: Brenda J. King, PhD

Division 31President-elect: Lisa R. Grossman, PhD, JD
Treasurer: C. Gerald O'Brien, Jr., PhD
Member-at-Large: Michael D. Roberts, PhD

Division 32
President-elect: Scott D. Churchill, PhD
Member-at-Large: Mary M. Fox, PhD, and Maureen O'Hara, PhD

Division 33
President-elect: Bruce L. Baker, PhD
Member-at-Large: Matthew P. Janicki, PhD
Council Representative: James A. Mulick, PhD

Division 34
President-elect: Gregory H. Wilmoth, PhD
Secretary: Susan D. Clayton, PhD
Member-at-Large: Gary D. Gottfredson, PhD

Division 35
President-elect: Nancy L. Baker, PhD
Associate/Professional Representative: Nancy F. Young
Student Representative: Sara Weisenbach
Council Representative: Jacquelyn W. White, PhD

Division 36
President-elect: P. Scott Richards, PhD
Secretary: Lisa J. F. Miller, PhD
Member-at-Large: M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, PhD

Division 37
President-elect: Bette L. Bottoms, PhD
Member-at-Large: Natalie Porter, PhD

Division 38
President-elect: Tracey A. Revenson, PhD
Council Representative: Beverly E. Thorn, PhD

Division 39
Secretary: Marilyn S. Jacobs, PhD
Member-at-Large: Joseph B. Couch, PhD, Marylou J. Lionells, PhD, and Karen J. Maroda, PhD
Council Representative: Neil E. Altman, PhD

Division 40
President-elect: Robert J. Ivnik, PhD
Secretary: Paula K. Shear, PhDTreasurer: Jill S. Fischer, PhD
Member-at-Large: Cheryl H. Silver, PhD

Division 41
President-elect: Edie Greene, PhD
Treasurer: Margaret Bull Kovera, PhD
Member-at-Large: Randy T. Salekin, PhD

Division 42
President-elect: Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD
Secretary: Michael J. Murphy, PhD
Member-at-Large: Laura H. Barbanel, EdD
Diversity Member-at-Large: Josephine D. Johnson, PhD
Council Representative: Stanley R. Graham, PhD, Tommy T. Stigall, PhD, and Melba J. Vasquez, PhD

Division 43
President-elect: Mark E. Stanton, PhD
Secretary: Nancy S. Elman, PhD
V. P. for Practice: James E. Dobbins, PhD
V. P. for Science: Kristina C. Gordon, PhD

Division 44
President-elect: Michael R. Stevenson, PhD
Treasurer: Susan Kashubeck-West, PhD
Member-at-Large: Margaret S. Schneider, PhD
Council Representative: Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD

Division 45
President-elect: Eduardo S. Morales, PhD
Member-at-Large, African American Slate: Norweeta G. Milburn, PhD
Member-at-Large, Latino/a Slate: Alberta M. Gloria, PhD
Member-at-Large, Diversity Slate: Laura S. Brown, PhD

Division 46
President-elect: Peter L. Sheras, PhD
Treasurer: Gloria Behar Gottsegen, PhD
Member-at-Large: James H. Bray, PhD, Florence W. Kaslow, PhD, and Charles D. Spielberger, PhD

Division 47
President-elect: Frank M. Webbe, PhD
Member-at-Large: Kirsten M. Peterson, PhD
Council Representative: William D. Parham, PhD

Division 48
President-elect: Eileen R. Borris, EdD
Secretary: Albert Valencia, EdD
Member-at-Large: Julie M. Levitt, PhD

Division 49
President-elect: Steven A. Sobelman, PhD
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Harp, PhD, and Lynn S. Rapin, PhD

Division 50
President-elect: Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD
Member-at-Large: Martin Y. Iguchi, PhD
Council Representative: Sandra A. Brown, PhD

Division 51President-elect: Frederic E. Rabinowitz, PhD
Treasurer: Michele Harway, PhD
Board of Directors, Ethnic Minority Slate: Michael Mobley, PhD
Board of Directors, GLBT Slate: Kurt A. DeBord, PhD D

ivision 52
President-elect: Norman Abeles, PhD
Treasurer: Kay C. Greene, PhD
Member-at-Large: Frances M. Culbertson, PhD
Council Representative: Gloria Behar Gottsegen, PhD

Division 53
President-elect: Deborah C. Beidel, PhD
Secretary: Anne Marie Albano, PhD
Member-at-Large: Mitchell J. Prinstein, PhD
Council Representative: Cheryl A. King, PhD

Division 54
President-elect: Dennis D. Drotar, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer: Jan L. Faust, PhD
Member-at-Large: Sharon L. Berry, PhD
Council Representative: Michael C. Roberts, PhD

Division 55
President-elect: Matthew B. R. Nessetti, PhD
Treasurer: Nancy Boylan Alford, PsyD
Member-at-Large: Anton O. Tolman, PhD
APAGS Representative: Rebecca Kayo
Council Representative: Debra L. Dunivin, PhD

APA Board of Directors Appoints New Members of CODAPAR

The Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members whose 3-year terms begin in January 2004. Frank C. Worrell, PhD of Division 16 and Thomas R. Zentall, PhD of Division 3 were appointed by the Board of Directors at its June 2003 meeting. These new members will take the place of Keith O. Yeates, PhD and Angelo S. DeNisi, PhD who will complete their terms at the end of 2003. Continuing CODAPAR members are Martha E. Banks, PhD; Gary R. Brooks, PhD; Lisa L. Harlow, PhD and Ilene Serlin, PhD.

The Council of Representatives established CODAPAR to (1) serve an advisory function to the Division Services Office and Chief Executive Officer on the mutual implication and impact of activities of APA and divisions: (2) provide leadership to facilitate coordination and communication among divisions and between divisions and APA; (3) make proposals to enhance structural, functional, and policy relations between APA and divisions; (4) plan and host the Division Leadership Conference; (5) provide leadership in developing training programs for division officers at the Division Leadership Conference, the APA annual meeting, or other such forums, to enhance the functioning and benefits offered by divisions and the diversity of the Association's members; and (6) act as a facilitator in resolution of disputes among divisions.

Coming this Fall

APA recently retained a consultant to review the association's insurance coverage. The consultant advised us to survey the divisions annually to gather the information necessary for the renewal applications that are typically filed in the late fall. Divisions are covered under the APA insurance policies to the extent that we provide the insurance companies with information on the Division activities. Your prompt response to this survey (which we anticipate sending out in September) will be greatly appreciated and will facilitate the processing of the renewal applications, and ensure that your Division is covered under the APA insurance policies.