July/August 2003

APA/Division Dialogue July August Division News

APA conducted division officer elections for many of the APA divisions in late spring of 2003. APA congratulates these newly elected division officers.

APA/Division Dialogue July/August 2003 Foundation News

APF's Charles L. Brewer Distinguished Teaching of Psychology Award recognizes a career contribution to the teaching of psychology.

From the Education Directorate

The APA Education Directorate, in conjunction with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, will sponsor the G. Stanley Hall/Harry Kirke Wolfe Lectures at the 2003 APA Convention. Four renowned speakers will share their expertise in lectures.

From the Science Directorate

In every administration, questions arise over how science should or does influence policy decisions.

From the Practice Directorate

Psychologists have faced market barriers to practice for years, both from inappropriate limitations on existing scope of practice and from opposition to expanding their scope, such as with prescription privileges for appropriately trained psychologists.