The quarterly APAGS Campus Bulletin enhances reciprocal communication between APAGS and graduate students, so that APAGS can address issues of concern and keep students informed about current initiatives.

Join the APAGS Division Student Representative Network

Established to create a nexus between APA Divisions and student leaders, the Division Student Representative Network (DSRN) provides a forum for student representatives to discuss the challenges of recruiting student members, while building leadership skills within each division. Once a division has selected a student representative, they will then be subscribed to a closed listserv where they can share information and lessons learned within their divisions, and get important APAGS news and information from one source. For more information and forms for designating a student member, please visit the APAGS Division Student Representative Network.

Run for an APAGS Committee Position

Develop leadership skills, represent student colleagues and advocate nationally for psychology by serving in an elected position on the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) Committee. We are currently accepting applications for the following elected positions:

  • Chair-Elect

  • Member at Large, Education Focus

  • Member at Large, Communications Focus.

The application deadline is February 25. Applicants must be APAGS members actively enrolled as students in good standing in a graduate psychology program and at least two years from graduation at the time of the elections.

APAGS elections will take place April 1-29. All APAGS members are encouraged to vote by logging on to the APAGS Web site, www.apa.org/apags, during the election period.

Apply for APAGS 2005 Scholarships and Awards

APAGS is now accepting applications for its 2005 scholarships, grants and awards, which recognizes students and those who support them for excellence in several areas such as working with underserved populations or researching diversity.

To be eligible to apply or nominate a candidate, graduate students must be enrolled in good standing at least part time at a regionally accredited university. Applications and nominations must be received by June 1, 2005, unless otherwise noted. For a list of all APAGS scholarships and application instructions, visit APA scholarships, grants and awards.