From the Education Directorate

The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) has created a PowerPoint template to encourage APA Divisions to create PowerPoint demonstrations on each Division's content area.

PowerPoint Submissions

The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) has created a PowerPoint template to encourage APA Divisions to create PowerPoint demonstrations on each Division's content area. The template outlines the following topics: history, main topics and theories, current issues, careers, and resources. Once created, these demonstrations will be linked to the TOPSS web site to be accessed and used by high school teachers in their classrooms for instructional purposes. Created demonstrations should be about 8-12 slides in length. View the template online. Templates can be sent to Emily Leary, APA Education Directorate, via e-mail.

PTN Newsletter Submissions

The Psychology Teacher Network (PTN) newsletter is a quarterly publication of the APA Education Directorate sent to all APA High School and Community College Teacher Affiliates, APA Members at community colleges, and subscribers. Divisions are invited to submit articles or announcements to the PTN for publication. If there is psychology news or information that your division would like to share with high school and community college teachers, please consider submitting to the PTN! Submissions can be sent to Martha Boenau, APA Education Directorate, via e-mail or to Psychology Teacher Network, Education Directorate, at the APA Address.

PTN features APA Division Web Sites

The Fall 2007 issue of the Psychology Teacher Network newsletter featured several of the APA Divisions in an article on using the APA Web site as a teaching tool. Please visit the Education Directorate website to access the fall issue!

Call for Public Comments on Accreditation Changes

The CoA is making 3 changes to the Accreditation Operating Procedures (AOP) available for public comment. The first proposal alters the process for site visitor selection. The second proposal broadens the definition of the “generalist” site visitor for doctoral programs. The final proposal clarifies that the outcomes of applicant program reviews will be made public. To obtain further information on these proposals or to provide comments, please visit Accreditation Operating Procedures. Comments will only be accepted until February 14, 2008.

APA National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Psychology: Blueprint for the Discipline’s Future

University of Puget Sound • Tacoma,WA • June 22-27, 2008

Call for Conference Participants

Conference goals: To examine critical issues in undergraduate education and recommend ways to enhance instruction based on changes in our discipline, student and workforce needs, new and emerging technologies, and the realities of contemporary academic life.

Applications Due: November 15, 2007

The APA Board of Educational Affairs Steering Committee for the National Conference invites applications for conference participants from institutions that provide undergraduate education or linkages to undergraduate education (e.g., high schools, graduate and professional schools, and employers). The Committee is planning for 80 attendees, who will represent the diversity in undergraduate education. The University of Puget Sound, APA, and other sources will cover all room costs, most food expenses, and local transportation to and from the airport. Limited funding is available for participants whose institutions cannot cover their travel costs.

Please complete the application process online. The application will request the applicant’s background or interests in undergraduate psychology, including high school and postgraduate linkages, preferences for a topic of special interest, and other relevant information. Applications must be received by November 15, 2007. Address conference or application questions to: Martha Boenau, Education Directorate at the APA Address or via e-mail.