March/April 2008

Division News

The Task Force on Diversity Education Resources compiled annotated bibliographies of teaching resources on a number of important cross-cutting issues, such as assessment, instructional resources, power and privilege, and ways to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to pursue psychology as a profession.


Congrats to the 1st Annual APAGS-DSRN Outstanding Division Award

Foundation News

Funding through grants and awards are available.

From the Educuation Directorate

The APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) invites psychologists or graduate students to volunteer for the TOPSS Speakers Bureau.

From the Public Interest Directorate

Task Force on the Psychosocial Effects of War on Children and Families Who are Refugees from Armed Conflicts Residing in the United States

From the Science Directorate

Increasingly fewer underrepresented minorities are pursuing careers in science, and leakages in the science pipeline for minority students and professionals happen at various stages, but especially within higher education.

From the Practice Directorate

Medicare’s voluntary quality reporting program, known as the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), has been expanded for 2008. Newly added measures give psychologists who wish to participate in the PQRI greater opportunity to earn bonus payments from Medicare.