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Calls for Awards Nominees

Apply for Mental Illness Dissertation Award

APF is accepting applications for the $2,000 2008 APF Todd E. Husted Award, which recognizes an individual whose dissertation shows potential to help improve mental health services for those with severe and persistent mental illness. Topics should:

  • Foster the development of a more comprehensive, humane and responsive system of mental health care.

  • Develop a protective and humane sequencing of interventions to prevent deterioration, homelessness and premature death of those with serious mental illness.

  • Develop effective methods of improving patient compliance with medication and treatment for those with impaired insight resulting from schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder.

  • Demonstrate practical methods of improved identification and treatment of people who enter the criminal justice system as a result of mental illness.

  • Foster methods to improve training and social attitudes of professionals in the criminal justice system regarding the role of serious mental illness in some offenders' behavior.

  • Increase access to and use of appropriate services and supports for the most treatment-resistant and severely mentally ill individuals.

The deadline is September 15.

Nominate A Colleague for Millon Award

APF’s Theodore Millon Award in Personality Psychology honors an outstanding psychologist engaged in advancing the science of personality psychology including the areas of personology, personality theory, personality disorders, and personality measurement. The recipient will receive $1,000 and a plaque at the APA convention.

Nominations should include a cover letter outlining the nominee’s contributions to the science of personality psychology and an abbreviated CV. Self-nominations are permitted, and letters in support of the nomination are encouraged.

The deadline is October 1.
For more information, visit Millon award.

Honor an Early Career Clinical Psychologist

Nominate a colleague who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of clinical psychology through practice, innovation in service delivery, applied research methodologies, impact on health delivery systems, the development of educational programs or other creative activities for the $2,000 APF Theodore H. Blau Award. Nominees should be no more than 10 years postdoctoral degree. Self-nominations are welcome.

The deadline is October 1
For more information, visit Blau award.   

Grant Available for Childhood Injury Prevention Work

APF is accepting applications for the 2008 $1,500 APF Lizette Peterson Homer Grant, which focuses on psychosocial research on injuries to children and young adults through accidents, violence, abuse or suicide. Students and faculty are eligible to apply.

The deadline is October 1
For more information, visit Homer award.