May/June 2009

Division News


The annual race and walk at the 2009 Toronto Convention of APA will be held on Saturday morning, August 8, at Coronation Park at 7AM. This year’s race will be in remembrance of Art Aaronson.

Foundation News

APF is seeking applicants for awards, grants and scholarships.

From the Education Directorate

The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) seeks nominations for five new members to begin three-year terms on January 1, 2010.

From the Public Interest Directorate

The Committee on Aging (CONA) is accepting nominations, including self-nominations, for two new members.

From the Science Directorate

The APA Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) has released a DVD containing two new segments in its video series on the contributions of nonhuman animal research within basic and applied behavioral science.

From the Practice Directorate

The APA Practice Organization is cultivating opportunities to take advocacy messages on behalf of professional psychology to Congress as it prepares to combine Medicare and health care reform into a single legislative package.