Call for Papers for Communiqué Special Section on Indigenous People

The Communiqué is the semi-annual electronic news journal of the American Psychological Association's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA). The August 2010 issue will feature a special section on "Indigenous People: Promoting Psychological Healing and Well-being."

We seek papers from psychologists that address 2 or more of the following issues:  (a) the history and culture of an indigenous culture; (b) the contemporary challenges faced by that culture and related effects on mental illness and well-being; (c) traditional indigenous perspectives on mental illness, mental health and/or other "special" populations (e.g., lesbian/gay/bisexual, elders, persons with disabilities, etc.); (d) contemporary culture-specific practices (i.e., those that are responsive to traditional beliefs and practices) for the treatment and/or promotion of well-being of persons with mental illness or other "special" populations; and, (e) related implications for psychological research, training and practice.

Consistent with the Communiqué's format as a newsjournal, articles should be relatively brief (500 – 1000 words) and accompanied by a 2 or 3 sentence biosketch and electronic photo of each author. Examples of the style and tone of previous Communiqué special sections can be examined online.

Please inform OEMA, as soon as possible, of your interest in preparing an article by e-mailing Bertha Holliday, PhD  or Alberto Figueroa-García, MBA.

Completed articles along with author biosketches and electronic photos must be received by OEMA by June 7, 2010.