APA Psychology Department Program (2010-2011)

APA’s Psychology Department Program provides access to the APA’s many teaching and advising publications

Subscriptions to APA magazines and newsletters for departments are provided at a price of $300 per year.

The 2010-2011 program includes three new APA books, including Undergraduate Education in Psychology: A Blueprint for the Future of the Discipline, The Insider’s Guide to the Psychology Major: Everything You Need to Know About the Degree and Profession, and the new edition of Graduate Study in Psychology: 2011

Other resources include the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major, the Careers in Psychology video, three complimentary student affiliate memberships, in addition to subscriptions to the Monitor, gradPSYCH, the Psychology Teacher Network, and The Educator. Your department can also receive PDP-NEWS, an online news source for psychology faculty and students. APA also provides a link to participating psychology departments on the APA Web site.