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In this issue you’ll find information on the APA President-Elect election results, survey results on EST, an invitation for divisions to participate in a special poster session and details about the upcoming 2011 Division Leadership Conference

Congrats to Dr. Bennett Johnson – APA President-Elect 2011

The 2010 President-elect election was launched on September 15 and the election closed Monday, November 1.  The Election Committee is pleased to announce that Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD, has been elected the 2011 APA President-elect.  Dr. Bennett Johnson will begin her term as President-elect on January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2012 as President. 

Congratulations Dr. Bennett Johnson! 

Division 12 Posts Survey Results on Empirically Supported Treatment (EST)

The Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 of the American Psychological Association (APA), has just posted the results of a survey of clinicians’ experiences in using an empirically supported treatment (EST)—cognitive-behavior therapy—for treating panic disorder.  This is part of the Society’s attempt to build a two-way bridge between research and practice. The initiative is based on the two-way communication mechanism that physicians in the US have, where they are able to provide feedback to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on their clinical experiences in using a drug even after its efficacy has been demonstrated by clinical trials. In a similar way, the Society’s initiative seeks to close the gap between therapy research and practice by not only having researchers disseminate their findings from ESTs, but also by having clinicians provide their observations on issues in need of further research that have arisen when using these interventions in clinical practice.

The Society will be extending this effort next by surveying clinicians on their experiences in using ESTs in the treatment of (1) general anxiety disorder and (2) social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

The findings of the clinical survey on panic disorder are currently available on the Society’s website, and will be published in The Clinical Psychologist later this year as:

American Psychological Association (APA) Division 12 Committee on Building a Two-Way Bridge Between Research and Practice (2010). Clinicians’ Experiences in using an Empirically Support Treatment (EST) for Panic Disorder: Results of a Survey. The Clinical Psychologist.

Psychology Around the World – Invitation to Divisions

APA's Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) is sponsoring a special poster session at the 2011 APA convention called “Psychology Around the World – APA Divisions Reach Out.”

Each Division that participates will prepare a poster that outlines for APA members the international activities of the Division and/or Division members. We also intend to collate all these posters into a brochure that will be available online and in printed form.

Although all the following information would be too much for one poster, here is some suggested content: 

  • Division membership: Number (or percentage) of members from outside the US, and internationally relevant  Division membership categories: 

  • Division sections with international emphasis 

  • Division award information if relevant internationally - international winners, etc. 

  • Division Journal information - international authors, reviewers, editorial board members, topics 

  • International activities of Division 

  • Summary of Division members' activities: perhaps in condensed form, or perhaps as examples (but probably not at the individual, personalized level)  -- perhaps  as examples in “box” form 

  • Highlights International 

  • Plans for the future for international activities

To Division Officers: Please let the Office of International Affairs know if your Division is going to participate, and please designate one person to be the poster contact person. Please send this information in an email with the subject header “Division Poster” no later than 1 December 2010:

  • Division Number / Name: 

  • We will participate in the Convention 2011 Poster session “Psychology Around the World – APA Divisions Reach Out” 

  • Division Poster Contact:

We look forward to hearing from you!

2011 Division Leadership Conference

The 2011 Division Leadership Conference (DLC) will be held January 21-23, at the Fairmont Washington Hotel in Washington D.C. 

During this weekend, participants will (a) learn the nuts and bolts of leading your division, (b) be encouraged to engage in long-range and strategic planning for your presidential year, and (c) be provided with opportunities to foster interdivisional collaborative ventures. 

The conference begins Friday, January 21 at 5 P.M. with a Welcome Reception.  The evening will start with an “Introduction to the Committee on Division / APA Relations (CODAPAR) and the DLC”, which will walk division leaders through the program to help them better understand the purpose and goals set for the weekend.  APA Chief Executive Officer, Norman B. Anderson, PhD will open the DLC with a brief welcome and an update on APA affairs and APA 2011 President Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD has been invited to give a welcome address and an update on her presidential initiatives. 

Saturday’s sessions begins at 8:00 A.M., with a presentation on “the top 10 things to know about being a division president” to help jumpstart presidential terms of office.  APA 2011 President-Elect Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD has also been invited to give remarks and to discuss her vision for the Association.  Later in the morning, the program will shift its focus to ‘getting to know APA’.  APA Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Michael Honaker, PhD, will give an overview of the Association, the directorates and their functions.  The featured breakout sessions will take an inside look at APA governance and the Education, Practice, Public Interest and Science Directorates.  CODAPAR is excited to have Sandra L. Shullman, PhD, speak on leadership strategies and getting involved in APA.  Dr. Shullman has been a valuable contributor to and active in many aspects of APA governance, with sagacious advice accumulated through her experience on the APA Board of Directors and other boards and committees.

The afternoon sessions will focus on division matters and operational issues.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the legal responsibilities of a division president and the legal services available to divisions.  There will be a plenary session on working with the media, preparing for media interviews and getting the word out about your division.  The DLC will again feature be the “Nuts and Bolts” Fair.  This session will provide you with the fundamental resources to make your term in office a success.  Staff from the Division Services Office, Membership, Office of General Counsel, Publications and the American Psychological Foundation will be on hand to talk one-on-one with division leaders; answering your questions about your division! 

The last session of the day will explore advancing your division’s web presence and moving your division forward in this age of social networking.  The highlight of this session will be the live demonstration of the new social networking platform that APA is launching and will be offering to all divisions!     

Hot topics for division officers will be Sunday morning’s focus.  The first plenary will discuss APA Convention, possible changes and how divisions can use this opportunity to collaborate and boost attendance to their sessions!  The next session will be an engaging presentation on division membership data and best practices for member recruitment.  Representatives from the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS), the Committee on Early Career Psychologists, International Affairs and the Office on Ethnic Minorities Affairs will be on hand to share recruitment strategies for their respective constituent group.  The morning will end with a roundtable discussion to share ideas and strategies. 

The 2011 DLC promises to be a weekend of information sharing, knowledge gathering and networking that will help you in having a successful presidential term in office!  CODAPAR strongly encourages every division to send its president-elect!  If your division’s president-elect is unable to attend, choose another representative from your executive board to attend. 

Contact Troy Booker, Division Services Officer and staff liaison to CODAPAR, in Division Services at (202) 336-6121 or via email, for more information.