Division Dialogue

November 2010 | Vol. 10, No. 4

November/December Featured Articles

E-voting – It can be done

  • Read up on Division news
    In this issue you’ll find information on the APA President-Elect election results, survey results on EST, an invitation for divisions to participate in a special poster session and details about the upcoming 2011 Division Leadership Conference
  • The journal editors roundtable discussion – APA Convention 2010
    Division journal editors participated in a session that focused on issues related to being a journal editor and discussed creating a network where they could share information, strategies and experiences
  • Leadership succession – It happens
    Wherever your division falls, having a clear and documented leadership succession plan in place will make way for a smooth transition with your division
  • Meet your CODAPAR representative
    The Committee on Division / APA Relations is your link, your advocate, your vote within APA

Other News of Interest