New APA-formatted Division 35 website goes live

One of 2010 Society for the Psychology of Women President (SWP/Division 35) Ellen Cole’s presidential initiatives was the New Media Initiative. She began by tapping Dr. Marlene Mahue as SWP’s New Media Task Force Chair and accepting APA’s invitation to use technology to improve communications in Division 35 by testing two new web products: 

  1. a new Divisional website and 

  2. a social networking site called APA Communities.

At this time the Division 35 website is online.

We thought that it might be helpful to other divisions considering this change to read about the process SWP went through in moving to the new website. 

Website Development Process

  1. SWP accepted APA’s invitation to participate as a test division. 

  2. SWP contacted Assistant Director, Site Administration Dana Wakefield to talk about the specifications of the new website. 

  3. APA developed a demonstration site for review 

  4. Past-President Dr. Ellen Cole, President Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, President-elect Dr. Stephanie Shields, and New Media Task Force Chair Dr. Marlene Maheu discussed what to keep and eliminate, and what other special features were needed. 

  5. APA refined the demonstration site. 

  6. SWP leadership made choices about features, layout, items to put on navigation menus, colors, specific text. 

  7. SWP gave APA access to original website content, as originally developed and maintained by Dr. Kelly Kadlec and updated by Dr. Candace Kizzie. 

  8. SWP leadership worked on several versions of a new logo with Kristin Walker (APA graphic artist), and finalized 2 logo choices for future voting by the Executive Committee. 

  9. APA produced another version of the website. 

  10. Division 35 leadership reviewed site and made final editorial corrections and pointed out bad links and other small details. 

  11. APA made final changes to website 

  12. SWP is very happy 

Short-Term Goals

The SWP website will continue to be expanded and refined through the work of the new Division 35 Web Liaison Dr. Martha Berge. 

The APA Communities site will be made available to the Executive Committee this spring for feedback and changes. SWP plans to use the site for the Executive Committee to vote on a new logo as a way of introducing the online site. 

Long-Term Goals

SWP plans to keep the Divisional website fresh by adding new content at regular intervals. 

The long-term plan for the Division 35 Communities site is to have it be a communication channel for the entire SWP membership to share information, including announcements that can be posted by all members, 24/7, polling functions, file storage, announcements such as job openings and events. SWP believes that rather than relying on an email system that sends all messages to everyone for communication, members will be able to opt in or out of email for any topic or subgroup. The Communities site will provide more interaction because it allows members to securely post their own profiles, publications, pictures, events - and generally stay connected as a thriving community.

If your division is interested in learning more about an APA/Division website and APA Communities, please contact Dana Wakefield or by telephone at (202) 312-6498. Information distributed at the recent Division Leadership Conference is available in the attached PDF file: FAQs About APA Communities and Division Webpages (PDF, 6.65 MB).