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In this issue you’ll find information on the council new business items, the relaunch of the early career psychologist network and info for divisions to help fund international visitors to attend the convention

Council New Business Items – February 2011

The Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) provides the following information to division officers to increase the awareness of and opportunity for division input to governance issues that are on the current agendas of APA boards and committees. What follows is a summary of new business items submitted between the close of the August 2010 and February 2011 sessions of Council. The Agenda Planning Group, which is made up of the chairs of APA standing boards, CSFC, CODAPAR (representing division interests), CAPP (representing state/provincial interests) and APAGS reviewed the items and referred them to APA groups for consideration. Divisions are invited to comment on these items. Summary statements for each item appear below, along with a list of the APA boards and committees to which the item was referred. The board or committee appearing in bold has been designated lead group for the item. Division comments on each item should be directed to the lead board or committee. Please feel free to contact Sarah Jordan in the Division Services Office if additional information is needed.

The board/committee acronyms used in the listing are:
APAGS – American Psychological Association of Graduate Students
CECP – Committee on Early Career Psychologists
CODAPAR – Committee on Division / APA Relations
CPTA – Committee on Psychological Testing and Assessment
CSFC – Committee on Structure and Function of Council
P&P – Policy and Planning Board

Item 31A: Revision of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

This item recommends that the Council of Representatives adopts the revised Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing as APA policy.

Referred to: CPTA

Item 31B: Collecting Data and Developing Interim Procedures Targeting the Early Career Psychologist

This item asks that APA collects additional demographic data and creates new data gathering activities that will give the association a more detailed picture of its early career psychologist members so that APA will have a better understanding of the needs of those joining and the need for recruitment efforts.

Referred to: Membership Board, CECP, P&P and CODAPAR

Item 31C: Engaging New Talent in APA Governance

This item recommends that names of persons new to APA governance are highlighted (by asterisk) on the election ballot of boards and committees elected by Council so that voters can tell that they have never served on an APA board or committee.

Referred to: CECP, Elections Committee, APAGS and CSFC

Announcing the Re-launch of the Early Career Psychologist Leadership Network (ECPLN) 

The APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) is pleased to announce the re-launch of the listserv for early career leaders.  The ECPLN is an online network of support and information sharing for early career leaders and aspiring leaders in APA governance, divisions and State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations (SPTAs).
To join the ECPLN simply send an email request to Kraig Scott.  Please put “ECPLN Request” in the subject line. The email must include the following information:  your complete name, email address, and the leadership position you currently hold (e.g. member of the APA Committee on Rural Health, Division 5 Membership Chair, on the Maryland SPTA Strategic Planning Taskforce, etc…).  If you do not currently hold a leadership position, simply state that you aspire to be a leader in the future.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to be added to the list.  You will receive a confirmation email once your name has been added.

Get Funding for Your International Visitors

Divisions - it is not too late to get funding for your international visitors!
Please encourage any international attendees to the 2011 APA convention to apply for the APA convention travel supplement award and registration award. These are for international colleagues from outside the US and Canada. All are welcome to apply. Applicant priority level increases with a Division match and note that there are two convention awards. For more information, please visit the the International Program & Awards webpage.

Fellows Committee Call for Nominations

The APA Fellows Committee seeks nominations for one new member for a three year term beginning January 1, 2012. The Fellows Committee is charged with the review of nominations for APA Fellows and will report their recommendations on each nomination to the Board of Directors through the Membership Board. The Fellows Committee reports to the APA Council through the Membership Board.

Nominees to the Fellows Committee must be available to meet twice annually, as follows:  for up to three days in March at APA headquarters in Washington, DC and for one day at the APA Annual Convention.  All expenses for both meetings will be covered or reimbursed by APA.

Members of the committee must be APA Fellows, shall not serve on a Division Fellows Committee, nor endorse initial APA Fellow candidates, during their term on the Fellows Committee.

The Fellows Committee is seeking nominees from the following areas:

  1. Slate 1: Female – Scientist/Researcher (e.g. neuroscience, developmental, social, or experimental psychology)
    The Fellows Committee highly encourages fellows in science and/or research and ethnic minorities to apply. Nominations must be submitted with a statement of interest and a current vita. Self nominations are welcome. Send nominations and supporting material to Sonja Wiggins, Fellows Committee Liaison at the APA address or by email. The deadline for receipt of all nominations is July 1, 2011.