Membership: Divisions see results of email marketing promotion

An email marketing promotion conducted by the Division Services Office yielded 560 new Division members this Spring

Twenty years ago, it would have cost APA’s Division Services Office thousands of dollars to market Division memberships to potential members. But using APA’s technology infrastructure, there was no cost to APA or its divisions for a division membership push this spring using email marketing.
In February, the DSO identified 33,326 email addresses of members who received their doctorate after 1989 and currently belonged to APA but not to any divisions. Those members received an email blast identifying “10 Reasons to Join an APA Division” (see below), as well as four personal statements and photos from individuals involved in Divisions.
“This was our first attempt at this size of a promotion, and we were testing the waters to see if this was a feasible way to help Divisions recruit new members,” said Sarah Jordan, Division Services Director.
According to the Direct Mail Association, a standard return on an email marketing campaign yields a 1.73% conversion. This one-time promotion was right on target with 560 members, or a 1.68% return.
“We were very pleased with the results, since this was a one-time promotion and not a full-blown campaign,” said Keith Cooke, Division Services Manager. “There’s enough of a return here for us to recognize we should research the feasibility of a full campaign for the coming membership year.”
While those 560 new memberships may not all be directly attributed to the marketing promotion, the majority of new Division members joined a Division soon after  receiving the blast. Nearly every Division gained members from the promotion, while Division 14 saw the top return—47 new members.
“The results indicate to us that if we use this means of marketing and develop it further using APA resources and collaboration from Divisions, we can build a strong resource for the Divisions to build on their current membership strategies,” Jordan said. “Knowing that this is a worthwhile investment of our time, we can now strategize for how to improve the return rate and track what works and doesn’t work in recruiting members to Divisions—something we can share with all Divisions can use to their advantage.”
The DSO staff will meet with Membership Chairs at the APA Convention to discuss Division membership trends and strategies for recruiting and retaining new members. Anyone interested in providing input into promoting Division membership is welcome to attend the session at 2 p.m. Friday, August 5, in the Burnham Room of the Grand Hyatt. For more information, contact Keith Cooke.

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