Division bylaws require revisions to allow online voting

Many Division's bylaws will need to be amended or updated in APA Central Office to allow online voting
In an effort to prepare for online voting in division officers elections conducted by APA, the APA Election Office reviewed all division bylaws that we have on file to determine if they needed to be amended to permit online voting.  A number of division bylaws were found to require amendments to allow online voting.  The Election Office prepared a list of needed changes for divisions requiring such changes. That list has been reviewed by APA legal counsel and we offer it to divisions as a resource (PDF, 170KB). Note that the review was conducted of division bylaws on file in APA Central Office. If you have recently revised your bylaws to allow for online voting, please send a copy of the revised bylaws to the APA Election Office at the address shown below. If your division is not listed, you already have a provision for online voting. We ask that you please review your bylaws for this purpose or contact the Election Office for more information.  Please contact Garnett Coad, Director, Election Office via email or by phone at (202) 336-6087.