New CBIZ staff and introduction to APA Finance liaisons

CBIZ Division Accounting Services has a new face handling cash disbursements

For Divisions that use CBIZ for free accounting services, a new face will be taking over the cash disbursement responsibilities. Karen Keigher-Wimer has been with CBIZ for two years and brings many years of experience with her.  Please welcome Karen to our team.
In addition to the CBIZ accounting staff listed below, APA has two finance liaison staff members who are available to answer questions or concerns. Nancy Pina, the Senior Director of Accounting, and Richard Payling-Wright, the Manager of Accounting Services, are available to assist with Division accounting questions.

Contact information for both CBIZ and APA Finance are listed below. Feel free to contact either department with any questions or concerns.

Division Accounting Staff at CBIZ

Cathy Syphax (Coordinator)
Tessa Rinn (Cash Receipts)
Karen Keigher-Wimer (Cash Disbursements)
Jeffrey Sabot, CPA (Partner in charge)
(202) 336-5818

APA Liaisons

Nancy Pina, (202) 336-5827
Richard Payling-Wright, (202) 218-3984