Extend your convention experience: CE credits now online

More than 100 hours of Continuing Education sessions were videotaped at the 2011 APA Convention in Washington, DC

These 1–2 hour digital video recordings with synchronized, downloadable PowerPoint slides focus on a wide range of topics.  CE credits included with each session using new digital monitoring system; no CE tests! 

  • Future of Telehealth and Telepsychology in Psychological Research and Practice (offered by Division 42) 

  • Sport/Performance Psychology---How to Expand in Media, Technology, and Telecommunications  (offered by Division 47) 

  • Early Interventions for Children With an Autism Spectrum Disorder (offered by Division 53) 

  • Psychopharmacology and Integrated Care---Professional Challenges and Paths to the Future (offered by Division 55) 

  • Traumatic Dissociation--- Neurobiological, Assessment, and Clinical Implications—I & II (offered by Division 56) 

  • ICD-11/DSM-V: Psychology, the World, and the Classification of mental Disorders--What Does International Collaboration Really Mean? (offered by Board of Directors)

To see the full range of CE sessions available and to purchase programs, visit the the CEP website.
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