Enhancing the APA convention

Council voted to approve the following actions for enhancing the APA convention and asked the Board of Convention Affairs to implement and oversee the changes beginning with the 2014 Convention and bring an evaluation of the changes back to Council in 2017:

  1. Reduce the overall size of the convention while increasing programming hours focused on cross-cutting themes as follows: 

    • Expand the Central Programming Group (CPG) from 6 to 16.  Their charge will be to create programming that demonstrates the unique role of APA as a unifying force for psychology and the only association that represents all of psychology and to develop cross-cutting themes throughout the various programming  that are presented in a variety of formats.  Control of the hours currently assigned to governance groups will revert to the CPG, but those groups will continue to have input through representation on the expanded CPG.  Specifically, the additions to CPG will consist of members representing the 4 major boards (BAPPI, BEA, BPA, BSA), CAPP, CODAPAR, Early Career Psychologists, APAGS, CEC and BCA.  BCA will continue to appoint content experts as needed and oversee the functioning of this group.  

    • Reduce total convention programming hours by 20% to 1250 hours. Divide the 1250 hours as follows: 1000 hours will be allocated to Divisions, with no distinction made between substantive and non-substantive hours; CPG will oversee the programming of the remaining 250 hours.  One-half (125) of CPG hours are set aside for division collaborative theme-based programming.  

    • To allow time for divisions to get used to the new formula, the following   adjustment will be made:  Using the 2010 convention attendance as a baseline, in 2014 no division’s hours will be reduced more than 30% , in 2015 no more than 35%, and 2016 no more than 40%. 

    • Retain programs that provide members with essential information, including regulatory groups (e.g. CEC Sponsor Approval, CoA, CRSPPP, Ethics) and address unique needs of affiliate membership groups (e.g. APAGS, TOPPS, PT@CC).  Presidential program time should also be retained. These program hours would come from the 250 hour CPG pool.   

    • Eliminate the Thayer Formula and replace it with the Proportional Model as defined in the Convention Task Force Report that will assure all divisions a minimum of 10 Convention hours with additional hours being allocated based on actual division member attendance for the previous three years. The model includes accommodations in the first two years that more gradually phase in the changes. 

  2. Funding to improve program quality and inter-divisional collaboration through training of division program chairs. BCA will oversee training curriculum, and training to take place at the Division Leadership Conference. 

  3. Funding for APA and divisions to bring in high quality presenters. 

  4. Increase the visibility and number of high-quality Poster sessions.  

  5. Council also voted to approve in principle the addition of two community expert positions on BCA and requested that relevant Bylaw and Rule changes for adding the positions be brought to Council for action in February 2012.