Divisions can invest funds with APF

Divisions looking to invest funds to create grants and scholarships for members need to look no further than the American Psychological Foundation (APF)

By partnering with APF, divisions can create charitable funds, minimize paperwork for the division, and maximize opportunities to affect the lives of people through the power of psychology. 

In addition to joining APF’s investment portfolio, APF staff members are available to share expertise in grant-making with divisions, while also providing continuity from year to year as division leaders change. 

“By tapping into the network of resources within APF, not only are divisions getting a fund, they are also getting a staff of individuals who are willing help them see their endeavor long-term,” explains Kim Palmer Rowsome, senior development officer for APF. “In addition, we can take a lot of the repetitive paperwork off the hands of division volunteers.” 

APF handles all fund investment, tax filings, charitable registrations, and accounting, saving the division thousands of dollars per year. In addition, the division’s fund would be a part of APF’s investment portfolio and would benefit from a larger corpus. 

Rowsome said there are some restrictions regarding the creation of funds.

“APF divisions funds must be philanthropic in purpose, meet requirements for 501(c)(3) organizations, and fulfill APF’s mission to use the power of psychology to enhance the human condition and elevate human potential,” she said. “In addition, there are commitments we expect from the division during the startup of their fund.” 

To learn more about establishing a fund at the American Psychological Foundation, contact Kim Palmer Rowsome (202) 336-5622.