CODAPAR call for nominations

The Committee on Division/APA Relations is pleased to announce its call for nominations for three-year terms, starting January 1, 2013

Each division is invited to submit one nomination (PDF, 36KB) for the two seats that will be available for the January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015 term. Nominees should be past officers or active division leaders with significant governance experience, including committee and task force chairs.

CODAPAR’s mission is to promote the involvement of divisions within APA and to foster psychology as a science and profession. The Committee advocates for divisions and advises the Division Services Office and APA’s Chief Executive Officer on the impact of APA activities on divisions. Having been division leaders, each CODAPAR member has a vested interest in fighting for and supporting policy changes to enhance the relationship between APA and divisions. CODAPAR members develop leadership training programs for division officers and provide opportunities for divisions to work collaboratively. CODAPAR is responsible for administering the Division Leadership Conference, Interdivisional Grant Program, Lynn Stuart Weiss Lecturer, and other activities that support APA’s 54 Divisions.

We ask that you acquaint your nominee with the time commitment associated with service on CODAPAR. CODAPAR meets four times per year. The first brief meeting takes place immediately before the Division Leadership Conference and then CODAPAR members participate in the entire conference as presenters and facilitators. The second meeting is held in conjunction with the Spring Consolidated Meetings. CODAPAR meets for the third time at the APA Annual Convention and members may serve in various roles at Convention. The fourth meeting is held in conjunction with the Fall Consolidated Meetings of APA committees. In addition, the committee will, on an ongoing basis, work virtually to handle projects related to its mission.

The APA Board of Directors appoints members to CODAPAR based on the slates recommended by the current committee. CODAPAR makes every effort to select slates that reflect the full range of divisional interests and seeks nominations that will ensure representation of all divisions. CODAPAR pays considerable attention to nominations that will ensure diverse representation on the Committee, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, racial and cultural minority status.

Divisions submitting a nomination should state the nominee’s particular qualifications and interest in the position on the Nomination Form (PDF, 36KB) and include a vita for your nominee. Your nomination should be received in the Division Services Office no later than March 1, 2012.