Annual reports due February 1

Each division is required to submit an annual report by February 1

Per APA Association Rules, each division AND section must submit an annual report by February 1 following the end of the calendar year. These reports are summarized and shared with the APA Board of Directors, monitored and reviewed by Counsel for legal compliance with non-profit rules, and used by the Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) as a guide for APA to connect divisions working on similar projects and provide assistance as needed. 

To make the reporting process easier this year, CODAPAR has moved to an online system of completing the report and has also shortened the report. Each division president (or his/her designee) has receive its login and password before December 1. For more information or questions about the Annual Reports, or to have login information resent, contact CODAPAR Staff Liaison Chad Rummel by email or at (202) 336-6121.

Divisions that fail to file an annual report are reported to the APA Board of Directors for follow-up action. Also, summaries of all the division activities are shared with the Board of Directors so they are aware of the excellent work of the divisions and can use that awareness and knowledge in their work as communicators and facilitators to encourage collaboration on topics.